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Hornets plan buildOn trek to Haiti this summer

By Elise Frankel The Alameda High chapter of buildOn, a non-profit international organization dedicated to building primary schools in developing countries, is led by co-presidents Kori

Drama productions resume, despite delays

By Aleeza Zinn Due to unforeseen events, drama teacher Megan Beaudreau, formerly known by her maiden name of Megan McKinley, will not be returning for the


Despit minor flaws, gamers love

By Moises Tapia “For Honor” is a good and exciting game to most gamers. It was released in February and takes place in Medieval Europe. Three

‘The Shack’ makes a better book than movie

By Yuri Kim “The Shack,” a film adaptation based on the 2007 novel written by William P. Young, tells a very sentimental but nevertheless heart-rending tale