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New teacher spotlight: Mr. Veenstra

By Nicky Xu Chris Veenstra is a new English teacher.  The Oak Leaf interviewed him about his year so far. (more…)

New teacher spotlight: Ms. Hipps

By Nicky Xu Stephanie Hipps is a new Government and Psychology teacher at AHS.  The Oak Leaf interviewed her about her school year so far. (more…)


‘The Snowman’ underrated and solid

By Taylor Vann “The Snowman,” originally a book by Jo Nesbø, is excellently adapted to screenplay in the movie by the same name, directed by Tomas

‘It’ gives viewers a fresh take on the horror genre

By Ford Sicore “It” is the 2017 film adaptation of Stephen King’s book of the same name, as well as a remake of the 1990 miniseries.