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Varsity football and basketball player Keelan Doss shines on both the field and court

By Amanda Vale

Alameda High School has many sports but only few are selected and chosen to be athlete of the month. Junior Keelan Doss was given that tittle for the month of December for his notable achievements on his teams. Doss plays varsity football and basketball, and loves what he does.

“I enjoy playing basketball and football because it’s entertaining and it allows me to be myself on the field and court and not have to worry about anything else,” Doss said. “No, not at all because I enjoy playing the sports I play and wouldn’t want to play any other sport except basketball and football”. Basketball and Football have been part of his life for a long time. “I’ve been playing basketball and football since the third grade,” he said.

One of Doss’s teammates for both sports, junior Sulaiman Hameed, has many fond memories of playing with Doss when they were younger. “I would have to say our best moment we shared was our Jr. Pee Wee year when our team went 12-0 and won the championship. We also got to play at the Raiders game during halftime; it was a good year,” said Hameed. Hameed used the words “unrated, simple, carefree, chill, funny and soft,” to describe Doss.

Though Doss plays sports because he enjoys them, he is also looking toward the future. He hopes to continue playing in college. “Yes, hopefully somewhere in the Pac-12 so I can have a solid education and hopefully I can play football when I’m older,” Doss said.  “Hopefully UCLA or USC because they’re both in LA where I would like to attend college,” Doss said. To Doss school and catching up on learning are really important. “I try my hardest to get all my work done and study so I can do well on tests,” Doss said.

Doss also has thought about his plan after college. “Hopefully I can make it to the NFL or NBA, but it will have to come with a lot of hard work and dedication,” he said. Doss does has a backup plan. “If sports don’t work out, I plan on getting my degree in business and see wherever that will take me in the work field. Also if sports don’t work out I plan on having some type of my own business,” Doss said.

Doss has a lot of his teammates and coaches to support him. “Keelan has great chemistry with the players and coaches. The entire players look up to him as a leader and the coaches look to him for advice as well,” said Hameed. “But Keelan is very competitive but he is also a softy at times,” Hameed continued about Doss.

Doss said “Before basketball and football games and practices, listen to pre-game music, stretch, and go over assignments with my teammates so we’re all on the same page when were out performing,” said Doss. “Working out a lot and hanging out with friends is stuff I do in my free time,” he continued.

Doss and Hammed are pretty good friends because they are there to help each other. “On the football field I’m way saucier than him and on the basketball court I’m way saucier then him. But were both really competitive and love going one on one with each other on the court and field,” said Hameed.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Vale

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