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Swan songs for the Class of 2013

By Amanda Vale

“I Believe I Can Fly”- R. Kelly: This song talks about being free and letting go of all your worries.

 “What a Wonderful World”- Louis Armstrong: A beautiful song that touches a lot of people, the song can reflect on all the years in school.

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 “Make It Happen”- Mariah Carey: This song is a statement saying that you need to make all your dreams come true and follow your heart and mind.

“End of the Road” – Boys II Men: This graduation song isn’t saying it’s the end for life, it just means you are finally graduating high school with great memories and a great attitude.

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“Time of Your Life” – Green Day: This graduation song tells you to have live your life and have fun, even if you have work or school you always need to have fun and live life.

“I’m Moving On” – Rascal Flatts: This song says I’m moving on, and this is a graduation song to me because it means you’re moving on through life and starting to make your own choices.

“Graduation Song” – Vitamin C: This is one of the best songs you could have played at any given time during a graduation, because it will make everyone cry and it touches teachers and students a lot.

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“We Are Young” – F.U.N: It’s saying even though we just graduated we are still young and having fun in life.

“True Colors” – Cyndi Lauper: This song describes who you are and your personality, and this is a graduation song because it shows how even though people are different everyone is still alike in many ways.

“High School Never Ends” – Bowling For Soup: This song stands out  because even though you graduate high school your friendships and memories never end.

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