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Zapata joins administration

By Daniel Waldman

With her walkie talkie in hand, new vice principal Clare Zapata pauses to talk with The Oak Leaf.
Photo by Danica Liang

For the 2013-14 school year, Alameda High School has made a number of new hires, one of which is the new vice principal, Clarissa Zapata. Zapata, a former high school English teacher, is working as a school administrator for the first time this year.

She already has integrated herself with the school, saying, “I’ve enjoyed learning about the traditions of Alameda High. It’s so cool to see all the traditions they have in place,” noting she was especially interested in the Island Bowl against Encinal.

Zapata steps into a post that oversees four departments- English, Social Studies, ELD, and Special Education—among other duties, such as overseeing technology on campus.

Outside of school, she lives a very active lifestyle. She is married and has two dogs, and together they live a very interesting life.  “We like walking, going to dog parks, hiking and camping. We’re pretty outdoorsy,” Zapata said.

It’s not all fun and games, however. Zapata gets in serious disputes with her husband about the ultimate killer- sports. “We’re sports people. If we’re not outside, ESPN is on.”

Zapata is a self-described “die-hard” Steelers fan, while her husband is a big fan of the hometown Raiders. They agree on other sports, as seen in their shared fandom of the Warriors, Sharks and Giants, but football is a sticking point.

Students, too, are adjusting to her presence. “She’s pretty nice,” said freshman Konrad Wolfl. “I haven’t seen too much of her, but we’re both new to the school.  It seems like she’s doing a pretty good job.”

Other students agree.  “I’ve talked to her, she’s pretty cool,” said sophomore Dohyun Kim. “She’s interesting to talk to. I’m sure she’ll be great at this school.”

Zapata said she looks forward to her first year at AHS.  “I’m very excited to be here. I met a lot of great teachers and school leaders here who want the best for their students.”

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