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What’s on your wishlist?

Photos and text by Mitchell Meadows

The holiday season is upon us, so break out those mittens and get yourself some hot chocolate.  In light of the season, The Oak Leaf polled several Hornets to ask them this important question: What is on your wishlist this year?

Marialuisa Rodrigues, senior
“I want more fuzzy socks!”

MarialuisaRodrigues mm
Rodrigues wants to warm her cold feet.

Gerald Icmat, senior
“I want Lady Gaga concert tickets and her art pop album.”

Gerald Icmat by MM
Icmat has Gaga on the brain.

Juan Arbelaez, junior
“I would absolutely love an S-Works bike.”

JuanArbolaez mm
Arbolaez hopes that someone at Specialized is listening.

Mitchell Floyd, sophomore
“For this upcoming holiday season I would like to receive an X-box One, a new laptop, Battlefield 5 and money.”

Mitchell Floyd by MM
Floyd is hoping for a tech-filled holiday.

Mackenzie Majors, sophomore
“I want more Uggs.”

MackenzieMajors mm
Majors would also like to keep her feet warm this holiday.

Esther Feng, freshman
“I want nothing more than to receive good grades.”

EstherFeng mm
Feng is looking to boost her gpa.

Molly Gerber, social science teacher
“I would love a puppy!! I would also love field side (third base) tickets for   the San Francisco Giants.”

MollyGerber mm
Gerber is hoping for a cuddly companion to help her cheer on the Giants.

Miriam Lenhardt, English teacher
“I wish for the well being of my loved ones.”

Lenhardt's wishlist extends to those around her.
Lenhardt’s wishlist extends to those around her.

Robert Ithurburn, principal
“I would like a new laptop and a really good book.”

Ithurburn by MM
Ithurburn’s wishlist would give him some quiet time.
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