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Goal line stand caps JV Hornets’ comeback

By Connor Bevan

Overcoming an 18-point deficit, Alameda’s JV squad pulled out a thrilling 38-34 victory over visiting Miramonte on Sept. 19.

Miramonte returned the opening kickoff of the second, then quickly forced a fumble which was returned for a touchdown. Despite Miramonte’s 34-16 lead, the Hornets weren’t done.

An Alameda rushing attack, headed by sophomores Kemane Walker and Adam Joo, carried the Hornets throughout the shootout. Out of an I-formation, Walker pounded away the third quarter, eventually scoring on a 6-yard rush.

Set up by 30 and 23 yard scampers by fellow halfbacks Joo and sophomore Thomas Reed, Walker found the endzone again early in the fourth quarter. After a two point conversion, the Hornets had cut the lead to 34-30.

Alameda’s defense awoke in the second half, as they did not allow an offensive touchdown. With five minutes left in the game, linebacker Alex Bongiovanni, sophomore, intercepted an endzone pass that could have put the game away.

After Joo exploded for a 75-yard run, the Hornets found themselves in control with a 38-34 lead with 3:33 to play. Miramonte broke into a passing attack, and got to the Alameda 6 with a minute to play. Junior Derek Dixon and sophomore Bradley Anderson broke up passes, and a fourth down stand on a draw halted the Matadors’ drive as time expired.

The JV Hornets move to 2-2, and are slated to face rival Encinal after a bye week. However, the status of the game could be in jeopardy due to the suspensions handed out to Encinal’s varsity team after an on-field brawl.

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