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‘V’ gives fans more to love about Maroon 5

By Maddy Lewis

Maroon 5 V
Maroon 5’s newest album ‘V’
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Just two years after the release of their hit album “Overexposed,” the pop rock band, Maroon 5 has returned and yet again given the music industry of today’s era a sense of hope and inspiration. Lead singer Adam Levine and his crew released their fifth album “V” (Five), August 29 catching the attention of both teens and adults.

The majestic collection of fourteen songs is priced at $12.99, a decent expense to tune into Levine’s beautiful vocal cord vibrations. Maroon 5 and fanatics were especially thrilled on the return of their keyboardist, Jesse Carmichael after his absence during the production of “Overexposed.” The popular band, known for their intense description of romantic experiences, continues to follow the familiar style of songwriting in “V”, in addition to a few surprises.

Levine repeatedly sings “We’re in pieces because you’re over us,” in the breakup cut “Unkiss Me” where he vents about an ex girlfriend he is still emotionally attached to. To express Levine’s anger, he sings “I lied to my heart, ‘cause I thought you felt it,” as he fell for a lover that never returned the same affection. Their “flame” has extinguished, but Levine’s infatuation for the lady still remained in that time of his life.

Levine, recently married to supermodel Behati Prinsloo, dedicates the song “Sugar” to declare the love to his new sweetheart. The lead vocalist harmonizes “You are the one thing, one thing I’m living for” to announce Prinsloo’s recent impact on the pop star’s life.

Maroon 5 occasionally steps out of their comfort zone this time around offering an electronic mixture of Levine’s beautiful voice along with a techno base in the track “It Was Always You.” Levine sings “Only friends in my mind but now I realize, it was always you” as he recognizes the love he never did before. Levine believes it is time to depart from the “friend zone” he is trapped between with a specific lady. The significant other, potentially Prinsloo, has lingered right in front of him the entire time, without consideration.

For years Maroon 5 has perfected the goal of gluing four-minute songs into the minds of music addicts. Bigger and better producers are associated with each album improving the band’s fame and progress. Levine has no problem revealing his sensitivity and emotional side regarding his love life. His dazzling sapphire eyes and muscular figure appeal to many teenage girls–most of those who make up the majority of his audience. Those who have experienced relationship dilemmas have the ability to relate and listen to Levine’s way of handling tough situations. At the same time, others who just appreciate Maroon 5’s musical talent can enjoy the new album “V” as well.

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