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Leadership Corner

By Margaret Pendo

The extremely hot month of October was filled with Homecoming week madness and spirit.  On Monday, Oct. 6,  the school was filled with the tackiest tourists. Tuesday came around and students were saving lives right and left, dressed as doctors, police men, firefighters, and lifeguards.

Workout Wednesday sped by, and then came the biggest day of the week: Homecoming day, where every grade showed their Hornet pride. Freshmen sore yellow, sophomores sported orange, juniors rocked  green and seniors dazzled in red.

During halftime of the football game, we paraded around the field on our floats that each class had worked on for two weeks. We almost had the win but an interception in the last quarter caused us to lose 33-36.  Despite the loss, we still proudly supported our Hornets out on the field.

The school week was also filled with Homecoming “proposals” in preparation for the dance on Saturday, which this year was themed neon, changing the name to Glow-Coming. It was casual dress but serious fun.

As for the rest of October the juniors are hosting an e – waste by the Emma Swim Center on Oct. 18, sophomores are selling donuts on Oct, 23 and the Senior Class is holding a Halloween themed movie night on Oct. 24.

We hope your October remains Spook-takular, and always show your Hornet Pride.

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