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New class offers new way for Hornets to work out

By Natalie Hardy

This year a new class has been added to list of electives, the strength and conditioning class. This is the first year that AHS has implemented an elective that allows students to exercise without having to take physical education.  It also offers ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

While this class is intended for workout, it is not a substitute for PE credits and is intended for juniors and seniors who have completed the necessary PE credits.

Teacher Robert Friedrich explains that the class is intended to follow state rulings. “The physical ed department wanted to comply with state standards [and] standards say offer a PE elective. The state required classes making sure there was a PE elective,” Friedrich said.

The class is meant to focus on exercises that help to strengthen the core and body as well as shape muscles. Typical routines for this class include a warm up followed by a 17-series circuit in the weight room where students are free to work out any muscle they please, according to Friedrich.

Senior Liam Olson describes the class as enjoyable and educational. “I like to do my own thing but at the same time learn the mechanics to a good workout. I didn’t know about some things about working out and now I’m learning,” he said.

The class also includes a wide range of students and offers a platform to allow students to workout and help themselves condition.

Senior Natalia Smith explains why she took the class and describes the class as a nice environment where she is able to workout without the hassle of having to work on her own. “It sounded nice to be able to build muscle.  There’s a very nice workout atmosphere, and I know I wouldn’t do it on my own,” she said.

Principal Robert Ithurburn also commented on the class and calls it beneficial.  “I like that it’s developing and a good way to learn how to tone [also] anyone can benefit,” he said.

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