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‘Interstellar’ a riveting ride through space and time

By Tyler Clarke

Matthew McConaughey plays an astronaut in 'Interstellar.' Photo courtesy of
Matthew McConaughey plays an astronaut in ‘Interstellar.’
Photo courtesy of

“Interstellar,” a movie directed by Christopher Nolan, is a mind-blowing film. It is a three-hour adventure through time and space.  The movie is full of twists and turns that are much like the blockbuster, “Inception,” another movie directed by Nolan.

The movie starts out with a former pilot named Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) who lives in a time where the world has run out of food. The earth is going through a dust bowl, wiping out almost all of the crops. There is barely ever rain.

In the beginning, the movie is unclear about what time frame the story takes place in. The houses and buildings look like present time but the technology is very advanced.

After Cooper’s daughter Murph (Mackenzie Foy) finds an odd dust pattern in her room, Cooper uses his former skills to decrypt the pattern in binary code. The binary code were coordinates to a secret base.

The secret base turns out to be NASA, which was supposed to be shut down years ago. NASA recognizes Cooper and asks him if he could possibly fly to space and through a black hole. The black hole was apparently put there, next to Saturn, by future humans who have figured out how time and space work in the fifth dimension.

Cooper tries to console his daughter in 'Interstellar.' Photo courtesy of
Cooper tries to console his daughter in ‘Interstellar.’
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Cooper regretfully says yes and leaves Murph and his son Tom (Timothée Chalamet). Cooper joins a crew on the spaceship including Brand (Anne Hathaway), Doyle (Wes Bentley), Romilly (David Gyasi), and TARS, a robotic personal assistant voiced by Bill Irwin.

The crew continues through the space and time continuum. As they travel through black holes and jump from planets to planets, they realize that just a few days for them has been over 20 years for people on earth.

'Interstellar' explores life on another planet. Photo courtesy of
‘Interstellar’ explores life on another planet.
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“Interstellar” has so many plot twists that three hours, though long, are necessary to tell this complicated story. If Nolan had compacted everything into only two hours then “Interstellar” would have been a very confusing movie.

“Interstellar” makes you leave with the same feeling that “Inception” did when you first leave the movie theater. If you are an average Joe then “Interstellar” is one of those movies that you will need to look up on Google afterwards.

There are a couple of confusing scenes at the beginning and the end of the movie. The first thing that you see on screen is an old woman talking as if she is in a documentary. No one really knows what is going on this scene. It seems as if the old people are talking about their past experiences in life.

“Interstellar” also has this at the end but the end is about 120 years later as the human civilization has moved to a different planet and grown in technology. Cooper’s house is now a tourist site which isn’t exactly clear. If they are on a different planet in a new galaxy then how is Cooper’s house from earth there? As Cooper walks around his land, there are little televisions with the old people talking on them. Still, it is unclear what these are and what they mean. Also, a good point is that Cooper seems to ignore them as if they weren’t even there. Wouldn’t he be interested in the advancement of technology from over 100 years, especially because of his former job as a pilot for NASA?

These scenes are not exactly necessary for the growth of the movie’s plot but they are  an interesting part that is another confusing aspect that people may enjoy.

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