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Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

By Joy Lee

Peet's has its own version of the PSL. Photo courtesy of
Peet’s has its own version of the PSL.
Photo courtesy of

As the leaves start to fall, autumn-themed foods and beverages fall into our diet and fill menus everywhere.  Around this time of the year, many holiday drinks and fall-themed foods are sold at different cafes and stores.  

When fall comes, one automatically thinks pumpkin.

First off is the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte, also referred to as a PSL. Students like Angel Shadd like the PSL, “but I only get the one from Peet’s because the one at Starbucks is too sweet,” Shadd said.

Senior Lucas Lee thinks the PSL is “delicious, but it has turned into a monster because there’s not even pumpkin anymore and you’re literally eating just cinnamon and nutmeg.”  Lee also reported eating  “these really good pumpkin spice almonds …they were amazing.”

“All I eat is pumpkin and cinnamon,” said Paulina Jasso. “We bought some of these pumpkin flavored muffins and we ate them with pumpkin butter.”

Some grocery stores are also selling some pumpkin flavored goods as fall specials. “I saw at Safeway that they had pumpkin spice marshmallows,” said Lee.

Senior Julia Chen eats pumpkin scones. “I usually get them from Trader Joe’s and they’re really good.”

Shadd makes her own pumpkin bread. “I put in chocolate chips and nuts to give it a little texture.”

Other fall themed foods are included in people’s Thanksgiving dinners and family gatherings. History teacher Chris  Honeywell thinks of fall as a time to eat “ pumpkin pie for sure, time to make soups, enchiladas, colored corn cobs, mini pumpkins and gourds.”

Being so close to the holidays and Christmas season,  Shadd “sometimes will make peppermint chocolate cookies…It’s a vanilla dough base and then you just take Andes mints and chop them up.”

Warm beverages also abound this time of year.

“I like Tazo Chocolate Chai tea,” said Julia Landreth.

“I do like hot apple cider…I usually make that,” said Honeywell.

Landreth also drinks a lot of holiday drinks from Starbucks including “salted caramel mocha, vanilla lattes, and peppermint mocha.”

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