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Writing center, on hold for now, helps students hone their skills

By Amanda Rolden

The writing center is an after-school program at Alameda High School that provides help for students to strengthen their writing techniques.The writing center was created for students to get extra help in any pieces of writing they may be working on.

“The program began in the spring of 2013,” said English teacher Judith Klinger, though it has not been up and running yet this school year.

“The program consisted of three English language teachers and a few upperclassmen who were all willing to help their peers who would show up to the writing center that needed extra assistance,” said Klinger.  Two of those teachers have since moved and are not teaching in Alameda.

“The program is currently pending to re-open after the absence of two English teachers who helped run the program,” said principal Robert Ithurburn. “The after school program was held in the school library which was convenient for students to get that extra curricular help they desired,” said Ithurburn.

“Although the program is a great program to have, finding teachers who are willing to devote time to helping students without interfering with their schedule is tough,” said Ithurburn. For that reason it is unclear when the center will re-open this year.

Many students took advantage of the program when it was in full swing.  “Students showed up religiously,” said vice principal Michael Lee  “to get the extra help they desired through the program.”

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