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Taylor Swift pays homage to the ’80s in newest album

By Madison Croxton

Swift released her latest album "1989" this fall. Photo courtesy of
Swift released her latest album “1989” this fall.
Photo courtesy of

“1989” is the sixth album of the wildly popular Taylor Swift. After the release of her fifth album “Red” in 2012, Swift’s songs instantly became hits, as people turned the radio volume up and the voices down, and sang along to her approachable song lyrics.

In 2008 Taylor Swift came out with her first hit song “You Belong With Me” from the album “Fearless.” The then-19-year-old girl with gold locks and an innocent smile has taken a big turn in her career. Swift has been working on her new album “1989” for two years, and finally released it on Oct. 27, with a new sense of style. The young country singer we are all familiar with has now become a major Pop sensation.

Swift stated that “1989” is her first official pop album. “I started delving into the late ‘80s, and what I found was that it was apparently a time of limitless potential,” Swift said during the  worldwide Live Stream on Aug.18.

The ‘80s was a remarkable time for the breaking of pop stars where superstars like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince were hit artists. “The idea that you can do what you want, be who you want, wear what you want, love what you want — bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me,”Swift also said in the Livestream. So when the album “1989” was released it was no surprise how it became a hit so quickly.

Swift’s new single “Shake it Off,” written by Max Martin and Shellback, debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Swift has said the song was inspired by how she has dealt with all of the hate and false rumours throughout her career.

The day after its release on US radio stations, “Shake it off” gained an audience of nine million according to Billboard. The song quickly debuted at 45 on the Billboard Radio Songs. In just six weeks the first song since “I Knew You Were Trouble,” became her second No. 1 on the Adult Top 40 chart. That one song made such an impact on Swift’s career.

Swift’s second 1989 music video was released on Nov. 10, for the song “Blank Space” which was directed by Joseph Kahn. According to Billboard, for the second week in a row, Swift’s hit song “Blank Space” has hit No. 1. “Blank Space” is a song Swift wrote which pours out different emotions about the rumors about her and her ex-boyfriends. Swift portrays herself in the music video as a serial dater with repeated attachments to boyfriends.

Another song on the album named “Clean,” which was co-written and produced by Imogen Heap, tells the story of Swift trying to stay clean from a bad relationship, as she refers to herself as “ten months sober.” Swift confirmed that “Clean” like every song, has a special meaning to it: “She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything.”

   Swift’s new album “1989” has been rewarded nicely, having No. 1 songs numerous times, and has made an unmistakable mark on her career.  

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