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December Leadership Corner

By Katlin Nguyen

This extremely rainy month of December is filled with more than dreary weather. We have many winter events and holiday cheer happening. The Winter Concert is on Dec. 11 where doors open at 7 p.m. and the music begins at 7:30. The Winter Assembly will be on the following day, Dec. 12, and it will be filled with music and dance from many of the AHS students.

The Winter Formal was on Dec. 5 and it was filled with food, a photo booth and lots of dancing. During your fourth period classes, teachers’ doors will be decorated by their class to ‘deck the halls’ for the holiday season. Leadership students are also going to every fourth period class to raise awareness and collect money for the Alameda Food Bank.  This starts Dec. 8 and ends on Dec. 19.

Fundraisers: If you’re into Italian food, the Sophomores will host a Tomatina’s night on Dec. 17 from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and a flyer is required. You can get a flyer from any sophomore from leadership or on Schol Loop under the Sophomores’ activity page.

The Freshmen are having a restaurant day at Hang Ten Boiler on Dec. 15.

If you want a sweet treat before Winter Break the Juniors will sell Holiday Grams in the main hall during lunch for only $3 during the weeks of Dec. 8 through Dec. 18. They will be filled with holiday themed candy. Make sure to get a friend one before it’s too late.

Also, during the the first week of Winter Break, the Seniors will sell hot chocolate and baked goods so come on down to walk through Christmas Tree Lane and enjoy a  snack.

 Intramurals: Sports Committee will host a Ping Pong tournament on Dec. 10 during lunch in the old gym. On Dec. 17, the Sports Committee will host a basketball intramural during lunch in the old gym.

With that, we hope you all have a great winter break and New Year. See you all next year and remember to always show your Hornet Pride!


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