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Hornets up close: Allen Nakamura

By Alanna Greene

Nakamura greets his students with a smile. Photo by Alanna Greene

What do you do outside of school?

I like to watch some of my favorite sports teams; The 49ers, Giants, and the Warriors. There is also properties and real estate that I have to take care of and rent out to people around the Bay Area.

How do you manage different tasks?

Before I became a teacher, I made a commitment to sacrifice a lot of time. I’m single, so I have more time than other people who are married and have families that they have to devote their time to.

What made you want to be involved in leadership and teach history?

Well, in college, I majored in social studies so I knew I was going to become a history teacher. Before I became a teacher, I worked at a middle school where I coached basketball. I really liked being in that school atmosphere with the kids. So I decided to become a teacher. As far as leadership, one of the principals asked me to become the leadership teacher. I became the leadership teacher, and I really liked being involved in all the different activities.

Where were you before Alameda High?

Washington High School in San Francisco

How long have you been here?

About 16 years

How long have you taught Leadership?

About 15 years

How much time outside of the school day do Leadership events take for you?

I would say 300 hours

Do you ever have a weekend with no school activities?

I do, but it’s amazing how many activities are occupied with school activities. I like to attend a lot of sporting events for the school.

Do you prefer teaching Leadership or History?  Why?

I think I like both, but I think when you work with the leadership kids, you get to know them a bit better because you’re working with them inside and outside of the classroom and you work with them on a lot of different events. So I guess leadership, but I love history too.

What makes you so well liked/popular among students on campus?

Well I don’t know if that’s really a true statement, but let me just say this: I think by sacrificing a lot of your personal time, attending a lot of different school events, trying to understand and know the students well, trying to not just be a teacher but also be a friend and joking around a bit helps develop a closer relationship with the students.

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