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Spring has sprung–now clean your locker

By Megan Martin

With the arrival of spring comes hopes of blooming flowers and sunnier days, a  welcome change from the gray skies and chilly winds of winter.  Accompanying the refreshing air is the tradition of spring cleaning.

With the bright sun thawing the chill of winter on our bones, we tend to get out of our hibernation mode of sitting on the couch watching television swaddled in fuzzy blankets.  Suddenly everything looks so dusty and reeks of winters gloominess, and we get an urge to wax the floors and vacuum the rug.

For some extreme neat freaks, with spring cleaning comes days of hard labor.  Some of the most common ways to clean a house are to wipe the walls and ceilings, vacuum and wash the rugs, dust the books and bookshelves, polish the floor, wipe the windows and organize the closet.

But for the lazy people out there that have no desire to spend a day laboring over a clean house, you are in luck!  Here are some tips on how to spring clean: the lazy way.

  1. The best thing for getting rid of clutter in a house is DRAWERS!  Throw all the miscellaneous stuff in a few designated drawers and boom, the house looks that much cleaner.
  2. Employing storage bins in the house can also get rid of some “important” clutter, like the bills and excess newspapers.  The file cabinets or storage bins can be placed in less-traveled part of the house.
  3. After all the clutter is gone, open up a few windows!  If they stay open during the day, and then are closed at night, the house will automatically feel refreshed.  Also, an air purifier can reduce dust and make the house smell refreshed and pleasant.
  4. Next, whenever possible, it is good for a lazy cleaner to have hardwood floors.  They are much easier to take care of than carpets, and only need a good mopping once in a while.
  5. A huge part of spring cleaning is cleaning out the closet!  A good way to do this is to first go through all of the clothes and make three piles: one to donate, one to throw out, and one to keep.  After, hang all of the items of clothes you are keeping.  A good organization idea is first by shirts, sweaters, pants, and dresses.  Within these, coordinate the items by color.
  6. In the areas of eating, an important thing to do is to go through all the food and throw out the old/moldy/expired food items.  Then, sponge down all of the counters and tables with simple water and if needed, soap.
  7. Finally, take a look around the house and enjoy the clean and happy feel.  If some odds things look out of place, simply place them out of sight and relax.

If cleaning the house seems like a daunting task, an easier thing to tackle is a school locker.   A simple how-to for spring cleaning one’s locker:

Where to begin? All photos by Megan Martin
Where to begin?
All photos by Megan Martin
Emptying the locker will help you sort through it.
Emptying the locker will help you sort through it.
  1. The first thing to do is to go through all your things in your locker, and decide whether to keep it or throw it out.  Make two piles; a pile to keep and pile to throw out.
  2. Next, use your keen sense of smell and stick that nose of yours in the air.  If you smell anything rotting or funky, do not hesitate, just throw it out.

    Don't be afraid to part with the junk you find there.
    Don’t be afraid to part with the junk you find there.
  3. Chances are you have at least three sweatshirts in your locker collecting dust, so now is the time to take those home.
  4. The next order of business is to file all of your loose papers into appropriate folders and binders.

    It is much easier to find books in a well-organized locker.
    It is much easier to find books in a well-organized locker.
  5. Finally, put all of your textbooks and corresponding folders and binders in your newly cleaned locker.
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