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Prom prep–and prices–add up

By Aleeza Zinn

The ‘Escape to Paradise’ themed junior prom at Canyon View Dining Hall in San Ramon takes place on March 28.

Junior prom’s ‘Escape to Paradise’ theme aims to achieve a night on an island with decorations resembling flowers, a beach and a sunset.

To prepare for the prom, the junior class committee in leadership orders and rents everything needed for the night. The students call and email the location of where they want to have prom. Once their location for prom is set, they rent or hire different activities such as a photo booth, a character artist, and a chocolate fountain.

A few weeks before prom the junior class committee buys the decorations and plans the layout for the venue. “That’s what we’re focusing on mainly right now,” said Noelle Siroit, junior class president in leadership, four weeks before the big night.

A majority of the junior class goes to their junior prom, and are asked or ask other students with ‘promposals.’ Junior Daniel Waldman surprised his date with a poster and flowers.

Junior Grace Orahood was asked to prom by Mitchell Floyd. “We both swim, and so he like spelled out prom with kick boards. And he gave me flowers, so yeah, that was cool,” said Orahood.

To get ready for prom Orahood plans to do her own hair, and then get her makeup done with her friends.

“We’re going to Sephora in Walnut Creek together,” chimed in fellow junior, Emma Becerra, friend of Orahood.

Junior Tam Nguyen, will “be wearing a suit, paying for a limo, and buying floral decorations for [his] date. The total cost runs around $200.”

Waldman is spending about $200 on prom and Orahood plans to spend $230, while Becerra is spending around $100.

“I’m doing prom on a budget, ‘cause I’m borrowing somebody’s dress from last year and I’m wearing my sister’s shoes, and getting my makeup done is free ‘cause my mom is a VIB [rewards program at Sephora] so she gets a free makeup thing so I’m only spending like $100,” said Becerra.

Junior Ryan Chen is also doing prom on a budget. He is wearing his brother’s tuxedo, and his date’s mom is making a corsage and boutonniere.

“My best friend and I are going to get mani pedis in preparation and we have been brainstorming instagram pictures and captions. In total, I’m probably spending around $125 for prom,” said Chen.

Couples tend to color coordinate their prom outfits, whether it be matching colors of dress and tie, matching shoe colors, etc.

“We’re planning on it,” said Waldman, regarding color coordinating his outfit with his date. Nguyen also plans on coordinating outfits with his date. He is going to wear a red tie to match his date’s red dress.

“My best friend and I are color coordinating our outfits. She’s wearing a black dress so I’m going to wear a simple, elegant tux with no vest. Both of our flower things are going to be red roses with gold ribbon. Basically, we’re going to look hella James Bond classy. You can quote me on that,” said Chen.

Junior Lizzie Allen, however, does not like the matching color trend for prom. “That’s not right, we don’t play that game here. Matching colors is tacky,” said Allen.

Becerra added, “We have a situation where all of the guys like to get vests that are the same colors as the dress, but we think it looks bad.”

Another part of prom, which plays into the expenses, is pre-prom. Besides the clothes, pre-prom includes dinner. The prom ticket includes dessert and drinks, but juniors often eat dinner at someone’s house or go out to dinner before going to the venue. To get to the prom groups of juniors rent ‘buses’ which range from actual school type buses to party buses or limos.

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