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TV Media students win prize for PSA

By Isabella Estrada

Six Alameda High students won the special recognition category for their public service announcement  video,  “A True Story,” in the Teens in the Driver Seat competition, a national competition sponsored by State Farm and Texas A&M transportation institute. AHS received $250 for the win.

Seniors Rahman Kelly, Banzragch Enkhbayar, Arzoo Yusufi, Royal Gooden, Sara Sotomayor and Derrick Dizon, all beginners in John Dalton’s TV media class, put together the video.

They created a PSA based on the story of their friend, an AHS student who was in a terrible car crash in 2013 while driving at a very high speed. The point of their story was to promote safe driving awareness.

Their favorite part as a group was “putting it together,” says Gooden.

“We were very excited to know that we won money for the school because of our hard work,” says Yusufi.

This is the first year they have been aware of the competition, though it had been running for  two years now. Dalton says this is going to become an annual event for the TV media students.

“There were 30-second entries and 60-second entries and the one that won was a 60-second,” Dalton said.

The money is being donated to the school, not the students. It will be put towards more safe driving awareness, Dalton said.

The students spent weeks carefully creating the videos. “It was a lot of hard hours and dedication. It took about two weeks,” says Gooden.

“We spent about three weeks scripting it, getting interviews and editing it,” Dalton added.

Dalton said the group’s approach to the video set it apart from others. “I liked that it was unique in that it was true story… they actually had a real student who had been in a wreck and it affected his whole entire life. There’s something about it being real that informs the audience and I think it adds a better quality to it,” Dalton said.

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