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Irwin brings broad experience to math department

By Trana Addel

Alameda High School’s newest math teacher, Kym Irwin, teaches geometry and statistics. She has been teaching high school math for 10 years in and out of the country.

Irwin  said she wanted to come to Alameda High School  because she “likes Alameda,” adding that she thinks that “it’s adorable,” via an email interview.

“I have always wanted to teach overseas, so I moved to China in 2010 and taught Chinese high school students who want to come to US for college,” said Irwin.

Alan Bare, the math department chair, enjoys Irwin’s company as a teacher. “Ms. Irwin comes in with a lot of very unique experiences,” said Bare. “She comes in with a different background and she is coming up with her own style and own method of teaching. She is helping us come up with different ways we can do things. I know she is doing well with her students and they’re doing pretty solid.”

Irwin has a wide variety of students from all different grades.
“She’s straight forward. She takes it slow so she makes sure we understand and she breaks it down more,” said freshman and geometry student Jessica Dutro about the class.

“She gives us notes where it’s just like fill in the blanks. It’s just this sheet of paper where we don’t have to do a lot of writing so it makes it easy,” said sophomore Mateo Ratto.

“I like how she is always on time and that she’s never behind and that she’s consistent with her word,” senior and stats student Alysa Chai said. Chai added that Irwin is firm with students  “when she has to, and it’s funny when we make her laugh.”

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