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Musical brothers form Lee Way band

By Pricilla Gomez

The Lee brothers perform together in the band Lee Way. Photos by Alanna Greene
The Lee brothers perform together in the band Lee Way.
Photos by Alanna Greene

This year at the annual talent show a band of brothers called Lee Way gave the audience their best with a rock song. Following that up with a performance at the Food Faire last month, the Lee brothers are gathering quite a fan base on campus.

The oldest of the brothers is senior Jacob Lee,  the drummer. Freshman Mac Lee is the band’s bass, and his twin Spencer Lee is the vocalist and guitarist.

They began their musical career at a very young age. Jacob remembers learning to play the drums in fourth grade, but Spencer and Mac claim they have played ever since they can remember.

“My parents forced us all to play the piano,” Mac says. “I don’t think anyone liked it.”

Jacob agrees with Mac also revealing that after piano, their parents allowed them to play any instrument they wanted. Mac and Spencer chose guitar while Jacob chose the drums.

Lee bros 2

As novice players with only a couple months playing their new interments, they held a talent show at their elementary school. “We like to help each other get better in our different instruments,” Spencer said.

Jacob said that he has always been more passionate about drums than any other instrument.  “I kinda liked drums. My neighbor had a drum set in his garage and all I wanted to do was go touch it.” Jacob says he was self-taught until eighth grade. Once he was in high school, he joined Jazz Band and learned from music teacher Jesse Randell.

Jacob also reveals that he is in a second band with two other AHS seniors, Rock Headlines,  who  are competing in Battle of the Bands March 20.

Mac is also in a second band, currently playing bass for The Bongos.

Spencer is the only one who does not currently play for another band.

Mac says, “we’re trying to [perform at other events] but Alameda High is about all for now.”

Spencer noted that the band of brothers has played where they take lessons, but other than that, their only large venue has been AHS.

Despite having busy individual schedules, the brothers always seem to find time to play together.

“We play every day as much as possible,” Mac says.

Jacob also says that they practice the most before a gig to make sure they have their songs down. Spencer agrees, although he said that now it seems a lot harder to manage time to practice.

Though Spencer is the vocalist of the band, he points out that , “Singing is not my number one thing, but I do hope to get better at it.”

He also states that they all started off singing, but he was the only one that actually took it up and sings while the others play instruments.

The  brothers aren’t the only musicians in their family. Their musical heritage goes far back, Spencer says. He said that his grandparents were into playing classical music, while their parents were into rock music. Their father played the guitar and taught his sons to play. Their mother played the clarinet and drums.

The brothers had been playing for a long time but did not have a name for the band until recently.

“At the talent show we couldn’t agree on a name so I just came up with Lee Way,” Jacob said. ”Mac didn’t like the name.  He didn’t like the name at all,” he said, but Lee Way it became.

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