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Amid Hawaiian flowers and fire dancers, juniors enjoy prom

By Kenness Cheung

The junior prom was held Saturday, March 28 at the Canyon View Dining Hall in San Ramon.  Students enjoyed a night of dressing up, dancing, eating and creating memories for their high school experience. 

Junior class president Noelle Siroit felt that prom was a huge success.  Siroit and the rest of the junior class felt especially accomplished because “we’ve been fundraising since freshman year to have enough money to organize everything and buy everything.”  All these fundraisers helped pay for the venue, food, drinks and a DJ.  In addition, they hired fire dancers as their special performance for the night and had character artists and a photobooth as activities when students grew tired of dancing.

The prom had a Hawaiian theme.  In light of that, they had 1,000 flowers sent straight from Hawaii which Siroit felt was incredibly special.  Siroit’s most memorable part of the night was “being able to hang out with friends, being all dressed up and dancing.  Prom is unlike any of the other dances,” she said.

A week prior to this memorable night, the Junior Class voted  for their  prom court.  The boy and girl with the most votes would be crowned “Prom King” and “Prom Queen” and the next three couples with the highest votes would also receive recognition for their popularity among the class.

That night Eric Carman and Avianna Goomishian were crowned “Prom King” and “Prom Queen” and took the stage to accept their crowns and sashes and be photographed.  In addition, Will Xu and Hannah Liu, Sione Mesui and Gianni Duncan, Mica Sanchez and Aubrey Guevara, and Ethan Lathon and Olivia Thomas were named members of the prom court.

Goomishian says she didn’t do much campaigning, but ended up taking home the tiara that night.  She did, however, tell a few of her friends and posted photographs on social media, but left most of it for the  class to decide who to vote for.  “I was surprised when I found out that I had won prom queen.  I didn’t expect it because I didn’t think I had or gave off the persona of a typical prom queen,” she said.

Being crowned prom queen was more than just a title or a popularity contest for her.  “I felt happy, satisfied and confident.  It felt great knowing that many people knew who I was and had the generosity to vote for me,” Goomishian said.

While Goomishian did admit that winning prom queen was the most memorable part of the night, she did enjoy being able to spend time with friends outside her usual circle.  “Enjoying the time with my friends and talking to people I usually don’t at school” was a highlight of the night for her.

Because neither of them did any sort of campaigning, Will Xu and Hannah Liu were very surprised that they had been crowned as members of the prom court.  “We just ran for fun so I was kind of surprised that people actually voted for us,” Liu said.  When asked about her experience at her first big high school event, she said “I really enjoyed it. It was really exciting to experience.”

Liu and her classmates enjoyed many parts of that night.  “The music and the dancing were really great and the fire dancer performance was really exotic and cool,” she said.  But Liu finds that the best part was being “with all my friends.”

Although the prom was for the Junior Class, many seniors were also asked as dates to attend.  Senior Ariel Fong felt that it was actually better than her junior prom last year because “the DJ was really great and the venue was beautiful.”  Her most memorable part of the night was dancing.  “I danced pretty much 95% of the time,” Fong said.  When asked about the entertainment, “I didn’t actually watch those [fire dancers] because I was so busy dancing,” she said.

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