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Good reads: Seniors reflect on their favorite books while in their high school years

By Ariel Moyal

Photos by Alanna Greene

Montana Sepp: “Catcher in the Rye” because I’m as negative as Holden is. But mostly because I feel I found out a lot of information about J.D Salinger and the character of Holden embodied so much of who he was. I felt like it was a real insight into who he was. Out of all the high school books, it was the most relatable.

montana sepp


Chris Yee: I love Ray Bradbury and short stories so my favorite book was “The Martian Chronicles.”

chris yee

Marina Bradley: I loved “The Great Gatsby” because of the period itself. In Mr. Carman’s class we learned about the seasonal imagery, it just made it that much more romantic and tragic.

marina bradley

Julia Chen: “To Kill A Mockingbird” was my favorite book. I really liked the way it captured Scout’s innocence, but there were still a lot of mature themes. It’s just an impactful book, I’ll never forget it.

julia chen

Rachel Neff: My favorite book was “Lord of the Flies” I liked how each character symbolized how we act in society. A lot of people interpreted it different ways so it was interesting hearing other people thought of the characters.

rachel neff

Marc Osborn: “Lord of the Flies” was my favorite novel. It was a good story. Provocative.

marc osbourne


Natasha Dimitruk: “Pride and Prejudice” was my favorite because you could see it as solely or romantic story or you could see it as a satirical story. Jane Austen made fun of everyone so it was funny in that, and there were so many different subplots it was interesting to follow it all. It was complex.

natasha dimitruck


Hanna Pourcyrous: I actually really liked “Crime and Punishment”. I’m into psychological novels. I watch a lot of scary movies.

hanna pourcyrous


Lucas Lee: “The Martian Chronicles” was the only sci-fi novel that I read in high school and it was actually really interesting. And Ms. Jensen was just a great teacher and I got to make a video about it.

lucas lee


Allison Pang: I liked the way “Great Gatsby” was written. It was one of the books I could actually understand.

alison pang


Mint Gardner: “Animal Farm” was my favorite book I read in high school so it was my favorite.

mint gardner


Tian Qiu: My favorite story that I read in high school was “Into the Wild” because it was very descriptive. I liked the movie more than the book though.


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