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“Throughout high school…”


“Throughout high school, I’ve learned that I focus too much on other people’s feelings and not enough on my own. I’ve come to focus on myself instead of pleasing other people who might not have my best interests in mind. In Ms. Jensen’s class sophomore year, I was introduced to moral philosophy and it challenged my conceptions about other people, and my conceptions about myself. I’ve challenged stereotypes and it’s given me the opportunity to expand. Especially this year, after getting into my top choice school, people would say that the only reason I got in was because I’m Black, or a girl. I talked to Ms. Roenisch after school one time, and she told me to make sure I didn’t let what other people thought of me change myself. Since then, I’ve ignored what other people say and think more about myself. Experiences from past classes, and supportive parents have really helped. For other people who will face this stereotyping, I know it’s very difficult to ignore what other people say about you, but it’s more important to care about what you think rather than what others think. Especially in the STEM fields, it’s ingrained since childhood that women shouldn’t aspire to be engineers, mathematicians and astrophysicists, but my experiences throughout high school have allowed me to reach for my goals and not allow others to stifle them.”

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