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What were your favorite classes?

By Isabel Sullivan

Photos by Alanna Greene

Julia Chen– AP government– “It’s really interesting and applicable. Ms. Goldberg is really passionate and that makes the class more fun.”

julia chen


Chloe Herrera– physiology– “I liked learning about the human body.”

chloe herrera

Amy Liu– AP English 3 and 4– “Ms. Roenisch and Mr. Carman got so into the works they were teaching. Their enthusiasm was infectious.”

amy liu

Roxi Shiu– AP environmental science– “I was really interested in the subject. Ms. Khosh was really passionate about teaching environmental science.”

roxi shiu

Mint Gardner– English 2EXP– “Ms. Jensen– she was crazy! Like, good crazy. And she helped me understand Shakespeare.”


Natasha Dimitruk– yearbook– “I think I liked it so much because it wasn’t really a formal class. You put so much hard work into the book and it’s cool to see the whole thing.”

natasha dimitruck

Lucas Lee– jazz band– “It’s actually like a family. Nobody would be there if they didn’t have a passion for jazz and playing music, which creates an energy. Everyone wants to be there.”

lucas lee

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