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BSU event raises funds for school in Jamaica

By Vitani Harrison

The Black Student Union  (BSU) hosted the “Battle of the Year” fundraiser on May 15 from 5-7 p.m. in the new gym. The event featured a co-ed basketball game between Encinal and Alameda basketball players.

BSU students hoped to raise funds for kids in Jamaica and provide school supplies for them. “We want to help third world countries or people that don’t have the benefits that people like us have,” senior Mei Lui Owens, who coordinated the event, said. “We have been planning this fundraiser for about a month,” said Owens.

The people that participated in this event had fun and were as glad to be able to play their cross town rivals. “It was a great experience playing against Encinal and was a co-ed game so that was cool,” said senior Jake Coyne.

Brian Mulder, an AHS senior who also played in the game, said, “It was a great experience. We got to play against the rival school especially since this year we were not able to play them in the Island Bowl. We got to give them a little taste of some basketball.”

Many people who went to the game liked the event. “I enjoyed the event. I liked how everybody was enthusiastic about playing basketball and raising money for a good cause,” said junior Gianni Mosley.

Mosley wasn’t able to participate in the event. “I actually wanted to participate but couldn’t because of some injuries that I received,” said Mosley.

“This event was awesome and I liked all the excitement in the crowd and it was a good fundraiser. I would definitely want to see another event like this,” said sophomore Kemane Walker, who watched the event.

“The fundraiser went well. It was a great experience for the audience and for the participants. There was a big crowd and we were able to raise money,” said Owens.

“We had roughly over 80 people come to the game,” said LaTasha Warmsley, the school’s college and career center specialist who also attended the event. “We were able to raise $600 in this fundraiser,” Warmsley added.

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