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Dalton named AUSD teacher of the year

By Amanda Roldan

TV Media teacher John Dalton recently won the Teacher of the year Award for the Alameda Unified School District. Dalton has taught at Alameda High for eight years, and he assisted a T.V.  media club before becoming a teacher here. He accepted the position at AHS after his friend, former T.V media teacher Casey Fenton, left AHS.

This is the second year in a row that the teacher to win this award has come from Alameda High. Last year’s winner was math teacher Michael Lamb.

“I was honored,” Dalton said. “You have to be a teacher for eight years before being able to win the teacher of the year award and on my eighth year I got it. It really validates me and my work as a teacher.”

When asked what inspires Dalton about film he replied, “In college I would write short stories in the margins of my paper and with in time I could visualize my short stories as scenes.” He liked being able to create something coming from his own mind to entertain others.

Film was a passion for Dalton. “That’s when I started taking a screenwriting class on my own,” Dalton explained. “My favorite part of filmmaking is screen writing and editing,” he added.

Dalton was nominated by freshman Sydney Hyman. “I received an envelope with the recommendation letter my student wrote about me,” Dalton said about hearing he had won. “I was really touched when I received that envelope.”

“I nominated Mr. Dalton because of his passion and hard work,” Hyman said.  “Mr. Dalton is definitely one of my favorite teachers,” she said.  “His passion and willingness to help students shows he cares a lot about teaching.”

Hyman said she hopes to take what she has learned from Dalton and apply it to a  career in filmmaking.

Hyman explained that her mother works for the school district and had asked her to consider submitting a teacher of the year request. “He has a positive bright attitude that helps you get involved in what he’s teaching,” Hyman said.

A former student of Dalton, whom students often refer to as J.D., agreed with Hyman. “J.D. is very passionate about what he does and helps anyone who is willing to learn about filmmaking,” senior Hannah Park said. “I learned how to do cool edits after learning the basics of film editing and JD made the class really fun to learn in. I also learned how to use a professional camera and I learned basics of picture taking,” Park said.

“I think JD deserved that award only because there are some teachers who just try to get students by and pass their class. JD tries to help and encourages his students,” she added.

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