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Juniors victorious in powderpuff game

By Kenness Cheung

Junior and senior girls battled it out flag football style at Thompson Field for the annual powderpuff game on May 22.  Although seniors are expected to win every year, the last four years have proven otherwise, ending in either a tie, or a victory for the juniors.  This year surprised both classes with juniors winning 27-20.

Senior Kiara Proctor was excited to join the game again this year.  Proctor played for the juniors in last year’s powderpuff game and was motivated to play again this year because “it’s really fun to try a new sport. It’s new to all of us, and it’s a cool collaboration with all of the class,” she said.

Senior quarterback Maddy Lewis calls a play. Photo by Danny Dacumos
Senior quarterback Maddy Lewis calls a play.
Photo by Danny Dacumos

Powderpuff is “a very physical and competitive game,” Proctor said.  Although many students focus mainly on the competition aspect of it, Proctor said she hoped that this year would be more of a fun battle between the classes.  “I anticipate this year it will be more about us playing the sport and not about beating each other,” she said before the game.

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.44.24 PM
The juniors (in green) defeated the seniors (in red) this year. Photo by Danny Dacumos

The powderpuff athletes enjoy the sport itself, but they also love the opportunity to get a sense of what it feels like playing in front of a big crowd.  “It’s like ‘Friday Night Lights’,” Proctor said.

As captain of the junior class team, Lisa Bertholdt was required to be responsible, quiet everyone down, and lead the team.  Bertholdt had attended the powderpuff game last year and instead of feeling intimidated by all the competition and aggressiveness of the players, “it actually made me really excited,” she said.

Their victory was surprising to junior Noelle Siroit.  “If you had asked any of us who we thought was going to win, we all would have said the seniors because they had a lot more players and they seemed a lot more prepared,” Siroit said.  However, their teamwork and productiveness surprised Siroit even more.  “The first two days of practice were kind of unorganized and we were goofing around a lot but on Wednesday and Thursday we really started to get it together and we started to actually look like a team,” she said.

Senior Angela Borglum was satisfied with the togetherness of the team.  “We were very prepared.  We practiced a lot and I think we were in a good position to win,” she said.  The result did surprise her as she was sure the seniors would be victorious.  “I feel like we had more athletes on our team,” she said.  Although they ended up losing, Borglum enjoyed the experience and recalls that her touchdown was her most memorable moment of the game.

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