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Women golfers make it to NCS

By Jason Chen and Luis Taganas

Lady Hornets Golf 2015

This year, women’s golf blazed through their season, topping the scoreboards in every regular-season match. The team met their goal of getting to NCS, and though they did not advance as far as they wanted to, they are confident in their skills as a team for next season.

“I just hope we get past NorCal,” junior Corine Tan said in late October. The longest driver on the team,  Tan said  that the team dynamic is on point. “We have a good shot…we’re actually playing really well,” she said.

Starting golf at nine years old and hitting golf balls at the driving range, Tan says that she “didn’t get into it until high school,” but has shown quick  progression on the course.

Her younger sister Lauren is a freshman and has a similarly positive outlook on the team’s chances at NCS.  “[The] team’s been great,” Lauren Tan said, adding that they have put in a lot of practice and are very close group.  Lauren Tan added that it is also fun to be teammates with her sister, who she regularly competes with and even beats sometimes.

Like other members of the women’s golf team, Lauren Tan also said she feels confident  going into NCS, explaining that she’s been practicing on the course in preparation for it.

Senior Monique Jimenez is a veteran of AHS Women’s Golf and says that “we’re stronger than we’ve ever been,” regarding her last season. In the team’s shared goals of taking state, she hopes her passions will get her into college.

Initially, getting to the top six of league championships seemed far off: “I thought it’d be a lot harder,” Jimenez says. But after their stellar performance throughout the season, she feels confident that the Lady Hornets will go the distance at state.

Post NCS, the team is disappointed with their performance. Sophomore and team captain Elizabeth Scholtes commended her team’s efforts and said she appreciates her experience as a captain. “I was still happy with where we got,” she said.

Being a sophomore captain puts her in a “nerve-wracking” position but she feels more confident because of the supported of her team.   Although the team may not have gone as far as they would have liked, Scholtes says that the team overall performed better this year.

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