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‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ will satisfy gamers

By Harrison Rogers

Gamers will like the newest 'Call of Duty.' Photo courtesy of
Gamers will like the newest ‘Call of Duty.’
Photo courtesy of

“Black Ops 3,” the twelfth installment of the “Call of Duty” franchise, has proven that some things never get old. Although the previous two editions of the game were not the greatest among gamers , this game has changed the series and is getting a lot of attention.

Even  famous celebrities such as star football player Marshawn Lynch have raved about the game.  Lynch  even appears in the game as a character in the story.

This game is sure to succeed with the help of the developers being active with the community. By releasing the multiplayer beta in August, the community was able to play the game early and give their opinions on things to be changed and fixed. The developers and staff definitely did listen because the game is nearly perfect at this point.

With zombies mode returning, there are two playable maps so far. The all new “Shadows of Evil” map set in a city during the 1940s, is meant to give a vibrant feeling with bright signs and wet pavement. The other map exclusive to people who bought digital deluxe edition or bought digitally is called “The Giant,” which is a remake of one of the original maps, “Der Riese.”

This map is meant to give players nostalgia and a feel of the new weapons and customization systems available. Previously the zombies mode was a simplistic survive-as-long-as-possible game mode but with the all new customization systems, random perk machine locations and leveling, it has evolved into something much more.

For the first time in franchise history, players are now able to play the story alongside their friends. The new Co- Op campaign mode makes it possible to play the story with other players. This doesn’t mean that playing by yourself isn’t an option anymore. People who like to play by themselves still can.

Along with the main story there is also a “Nightmares” campaign. This has a similar format as the main campaign except for the fact that the enemies have been replaced by zombies. In this, you will face hordes of zombies and try to end the zombie apocalypse.

The famous multiplayer mode has made a return but with some new features that have angered and excited some. The thrust jump is similar to the boost jump in Advanced Warfare but with a twist. Thrust jump is limited and is quite slow compared to boost jump. For the first time there is wall running in multiplayer. The map designs have multiple spots built specifically for wall running.

Weapons are mostly balanced but can be different to some players because of play style. Swimming underwater is now possible and most maps have water on them. The all new specialist abilities are probably the most game changing thing that has been introduced.

As of now there are nine different specialists who have a weapon and an ability. Players have a choice of their weapon or ability which has to be charged up in game in order to be used. Overall the multiplayer is the best part about this game.

With the last two editions being frowned upon by the community, this one has not had a lot of hate and might be the most popular in terms of gamer diversity. This game is definitely worth picking up whether you are a competitive or casual player.

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