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Thanksgiving break offers opportunity to travel

By Jason Chen and Konrad Wolfl

During the holiday season, it is no surprise that students need to take a break from the crushing pressures of school.  Over the week-long Thanksgiving holiday, Alameda High students traveled to destinations across the United States and even to other countries throughout the world.  

Helen Montell-Weiland, a junior, traveled with her mom to Turkey and Israel.  She flew to Istanbul, where they visited the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest “covered markets” in the world, but also made a relaxing excursion to a Turkish bathhouse.  Montell-Weiland then flew to Jerusalem, where she celebrated her twin cousins’ bar mitzvah and reunited with friends from summer camp.  

Isabelle Delore, a sophomore, flew halfway across the world to Tokyo, Japan with her mother and older sister. During her stay, they visited Nikko and admired the various temples and religious shrines around the island. Delore also spent a day with just her sister, which she happily spent shopping for clothes and other souvenirs.  She also had fond recollections of her meals in Japan, saying,  “I had a lot of sashimi and ramen.”

Junior Cameron Yuen traveled to Las Vegas the first weekend of Thanksgiving, saying, “It’s just a place to relax and get away from Alameda.”  Yuen said he had a fun, albeit chaotic, time and told of his visits to two different buffets over a two consecutive nights, saying that he “spent like three hours at the first buffet and two hours at the second” and they “ate too much.”

Other than dining at buffets, Yuen and his family and friends also went shopping in Las Vegas and hiked at Red Rock Canyon, which he says was “lots of fun.”  Whatever the fun,  Yuen made it clear that he would have preferred to just stay at home over the holiday to relax in peace.

Jenna Kupa, a junior, visited San Diego the first weekend of Thanksgiving, then visited Mexico for the rest of break. In San Diego, Kupa went with a friend to tour colleges, including University of California at San Diego, Pomona College, and the University of California at Santa Barbara.  

After this brief stay in southern California, Kupa traveled with her family to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.  She explored various beaches and swam, both in the hotel pools and even the sea itself.  When asked for the reasoning behind her family’s choice of vacation, Kupa said, “There were a lot of beaches on the Sea of Cortez which was where we were staying, so we snorkeled at the beaches.”

Noah Berk, a senior, journeyed to Cleveland, Ohio to “visit with family and celebrate Thanksgiving with them.”  With his entire extended family, Berk visited popular local establishments and restaurants such as Jack’s Deli, which they visit annually.  He also went to visit the tomb of America’s 20th President, James A. Garfield.  

Despite the fascinating sightseeing, Berk mostly enjoyed being with his family, saying, “We have such a large family, there are like over 20 grandchildren and great grandchildren and it’s just very nice to see these people I haven’t seen in years.”  

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