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1975s wow audience at Fox Theater

By Gracie Walker

The 1975s played to a sold-out crowd in Oakland in December. Photo courtesy of
The 1975s played to a sold-out crowd in Oakland in December.
Photo courtesy of

With a sold out show and a line around the block six  hours before the concert, the crowd was already getting rowdy.  Teenage girls littered the streets around the Fox Theater on Dec. 17  chanting the British alternative rock band’s name.  They were anticipating a great show, and they were definitely in for a treat.  

With The 1975’s old work starting to become a sensation and a new album “I Like it When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet Unaware Of It” coming out in February–along with a couple of new songs they have released, “Love Me” and “UGH!–everyone was ready to hear these new songs live.  

When the doors opened for the Fox, fans flooded to fill the pit and waited for close to two hours for the action to start.  The opening act, Swim Deep, was first to come on with a new sound that most people in the crowd were surprised to hear.  This band came out with such a confidence and a clear desire to play their music, it was a completely unique feeling to be in the crowd. The opening indie pop band had an energetic vibe that they portrayed in their music. They just had a hometown small band sensation to them.  It was such a beautifully distinct sound. The crowd was screaming for more after the band left the stage.  

The anticipation was intense waiting for The 1975 to come on.  Between the acts there had been complete silence out of the speakers.  The chatter of the fans amongst each other, and the conversing of staff explaining to each other what a rowdy crowd we had been already, made up for the lack of music.  Suddenly over the speakers there came a loud ringing noise that seemed to get more intense and loud over a span of 30 minutes.  Then each time the ringing would progressively get louder, the lights would dim the slightest bit until finally the lights were completely off and the ringing was deafening.

Finally the stage started to light up with multiple colors, and the pillars that they had set up were covered in an array of dull colored rainbow dots.  The show was beginning.  The ringing continued until the band went to their destined places.  Then everything went completely dark and the noise stopped.

An immediately recognizable guitar intro started playing over the speakers.  It was the beginning of the most recently released song, “Love Me.”  The crowd went wild, pushing and shoving closer to the lead singer on stage.  The first song was amazing.  They had such a charisma to their music, it’s such an individual sound.  The British accent of the lead singer was distinct as he sang, and the noises in the songs created an uncommon beat. It was a magical feeling for the audience.

The next song that played was their first ever release as a band, “The 1975” — an emotional sound with a beautiful underlying expression through the lyrics.  From the very beginning to the last song “Sex”, their performance was perfect.  The way they presented themselves was elegant with a definite tone of punk.  They put their time and emotion into making this concert a great show and it definitely was the best concert I have ever been to.  

When everything ended and it was time to go home, I was satisfied with what I had just witnessed.  I went to the venue with the idea that this band was pretty good, but I left with so much happiness and excitement from this band that I could not contain my smile.

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