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‘Daddy’s Home’ a guaranteed laugh

By Rodrigo de Souza

Will Farrell tries to be the fun dad. Photo courtesy of
Will Farrell tries to be the fun dad.
Photo courtesy of

The  hilarious movie, “Daddy’s Home,” starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, came out on Christmas day. For most, an uplifting and witty gift for the holidays, the movie is about a stepdad named Brad (Will Ferrell) who is trying hard to become the best stepfather he can be to his wife’s two loving kids.

While on the path to gaining acceptance from the kids, he encounters a speed bump. Dusty, (Mark Wahlberg) the dream dad, with slick hair, leather jacket and booming motorcycle decides to hop into town and visit the kids. The kids are naturally attracted to him and look up to his smooth and caring attitude. As time passes, Brad starts to feel insecure about his ability to become a person who the kids can look up to and fears that the kids are slipping away from him and going towards Dusty, their father.

The rather wretched situation gets even more awkward when Dusty personally informs Brad that he wants to try and find a way to get back in the family. Brad feels attacked and the two go through a variety of amusing battles throughout the movie with one thing on both their minds- attract and win over the kids.

While Ferrell takes the role of the more fundamental, caring and helpful father figure, Wahlberg plays the more carefree, fun and blithe figure. The cool dad. Throughout the majority of the movie, the two try to match each other’s styles. Memorable scenes include when Brad crashes Dusty’s motorcycle, which is of course beloved by the kids. This leaves the rest of the family stunned as to why the caring father would attempt to do something he’s clearly incapable of.

Ferrell and Wahlberg interact perfectly, bouncing off each other’s acts to create comedic scenes  as the duo has done previously in the movie “The Other Guys,” making  this hour and a half comedy even more amusing.

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