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‘Deadpool’ an anti-superhero adventure

By Konrad Wolfl

Deadpool is not your ordinary superhero. Photo courtesy of
Deadpool is not your ordinary superhero.
Photo courtesy of

This February brought a new Marvel superhero movie called “Deadpool.” Similar to many other Marvel movies, the title gives the name of the protagonist along with many high expectations.

For those expecting a traditional superhero story, however, the movie depicts Deadpool as an antihero. An antihero is basically a protagonist who lacks heroic characteristics like caring for the well-being of others or sparing his enemies out of forgiveness. The character Deadpool is quite literally the polar opposite of all these traits, however that doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing.

Starring  as Wade, or Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds begins the movie as a rugged mercenary, who will take what little cash he can get in exchange for “roughing” people up. Living not quite in poverty, he struggles financially but that doesn’t deter his upbeat attitude as well as his never-ending jokes. At one of the meeting points of mercenaries he meets a woman named Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), a fellow mercenary, who he soon enters a steady relationship with.

Further on in the movie, viewers learn that Wade is diagnosed with terminal cancer and there is no known cure. Out of desperation, Wade takes an offer given to him by a man from a shady organization developing human mutations. With the promise of immeasurable power, Wade undergoes an operation not knowing that the scientist, Ajax (Ed Skrein), plans to make him into a super soldier who must obey their organization.

After an excruciating amount of time and pain, Wade is morphed into the “superhero” known as Deadpool.

Wade’s sense of morals are, in a sense, completely out of whack mostly due to the combination of  a horrible childhood as well as the torture he endured to become Deadpool. As a result, in certain situations he chooses the decisions that may be right in feeling but wrong morally. The director, Tim Miller, manages to show the audience a “superhero” who acts not based on  rules and morals, but rather on a “gut feeling.”

The “bad guys” of this film are in a  shady organization who made Wade into Deadpool in the first place. After escaping the laboratory, Wade is determined to kill Ajax at all costs because of  the torture he put him through. Ajax and his men kidnap Vanessa, which only fuels Wade’s anger towards the organization as well as his motive for killing them.

A distinct factor that separates this Marvel movie from others is the amount of gore along with the comedy mixed in it. While mercilessly slaughtering his enemies, Wade manages to keep the mood light and hilarious by making puns that hold the audience’s attention throughout the movie.

This movie is  rated R for a reason, of course, but the main reason is to avoid corrupting a minor into the wrong kind of thinking. There may be times during the movie at which you wonder if there are more cuss words than regular ones, but that is all attributed to Wade’s sense of humor. His foul language almost seems to distract viewers from the gore, for a moment, and remind them that this movie is indeed, in part, a comedy.

An interesting fad among some couples is to see this particular movie for Valentine’s Day. The beginning of this movie does, in fact, touch on romance with Vanessa and Wade but viewers should be reminded that this is, or should be, a superhero movie. While romance may be one of the factors, the key idea of these types of movies is to focus on the fights between the protagonist and antagonist. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that couples will be disappointed by the results of the movie. Even if it lightly touches on romance, Miller manages to convey feeling and emotion behind each scene consisting of the ongoings between Vanessa and Wade.

“Deadpool” brings together aspects of humor as well as action to form a lovable Marvel superhero movie. While incorporating bits of romance, Miller effectively appeals to different crowds of people in order to make sure more viewers are able to enjoy the movie. The movie definitely lives up to the expectations of viewers and as a result, they will surely be waiting for the release of the sequel in order to enjoy more of the superhero known as Deadpool.


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