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BuildOn plans April dance

By Jasmine Virgen

Alameda High’s buildOn club is planning for an annual Oldies Dance on Saturday, April 9 from 6:30 pm to 10 pm at the Harrison Recreation Center at Lincoln Park. Profits from the dance will go towards the club’s efforts to send 11 students to build a school in Nicaragua this summer.

The buildOn movement is an international organization that fundraises in the US to build schools in seven developing countries. Alameda High’s buildOn club holds other fundraisers, such as bake sales outside of Books Inc. and the biannual Acoustic Night.

President of the buildOn club, senior Phoebe Brand describes her past summer experience in Haiti. “It was really interesting because it was my only time ever going out of the US,” says Brand. “We built a good connection with the community and it was a super humbling experience for me. I’m really happy that I got to do that and leave a lasting impact on the community.”

Members of the club vote on who can go on the summer trip. “We pick the people in our club that are the hardest working and most involved. It can range from three to 11 people,” says Brand.

One of two vice presidents, senior Daniela Lopez Garcia encourages students to attend the dance, especially because profits go towards bringing education to a developing country. “This will hopefully be more fun because you will get to dress up in an era that you don’t normally get to,” says Lopez Garcia.

The idea for the Oldies Dances comes from sophomores Camille Minault, Allie Sullivan, and Violet Daar. “We’re putting them in charge so that they get to know how to take leadership since the leaders this year are seniors and are going to leave soon,” says Lopez Garcia.

Brand compares the upcoming dance to Acoustic Night, another fundraising event the group has hosted featuring many AHS musicians. “We’ll probably also have some bands playing from local schools. It’ll be very similar. It’ll just have the dressing up component and more dancing.”

The dance will have a DJ and feature a playlist of popular songs ranging from the 1920s to the 1990s.

BuildOn meets every Wednesday in Ms. Roenish’s room. Brand encourages underclassmen to join the club in the future.
“You should definitely do it and stick with it because it’s all about dedication and proving to the club that you are a person that should be able to go to one of those communities,” says Brand. “If you think you have the energy and the time it’s totally worth it because of the experience that you get from it.”

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