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Love him or hate him, Trump is no joke

By Luis Taganas

In the left-wing bubble of the Bay Area we live in, one is a little hard-pressed to find a genuine supporter of Donald Trump. The media totes him as a firestorm of controversy, his opposition paints him like the reincarnation of Hitler, even his own party treats him like the problem child of the family, completely disregarding him as a candidate.

It seems like we all hate Donald Trump but somehow he’s polling the highest in the Republican race currently. Why do people hate him? Why do people love him? What will happen if he becomes president? Is all of this criticism and outright hatred warranted?

Aside of all the memes, jokes and Saturday Night Live skits, his platform, if anything, should be the thing that we scrutinize him for. His policies are going to be the thing that affect us the most, right?

His campaign website is more sparse than his competitors when it comes to his policy, though I don’t really see much difference to the typical, anti-Obamacare, anti-immigrant, pro-gun, right-wing rhetoric. Granted, young people who’ve spent an adequate amount of time in the Bay would object to any red policies, but it still doesn’t really account for the difference in hate for Donald Trump compared to other Republican candidates. If the policies are pretty much the same, what makes Trump a worse contender for president?

Trump dominates political news for his inflammatory comments and unapologetic demeanor. It’s quite an anomaly where someone can just be this poisonous to various demographics of people and still be polling this well.

For most people, this is the reason why he is hated, and with good reason. His campaign is pretty much based around vitriol and controversy, stuff that Americans love, apparently. Many supporters love Trump for the fact that he can say what he wants and not feel sorry about it.

His supporters include Sarah Palin and the Ku Klux Klan.

On that same note, it’s important to analyze who these supporters are, and how and what they think. The most pressing issue to them is the immigration policy. According to a CNN article, many Trump supporters are in favor of the tightening of immigration policy and want illegal residents to be hunted down and deported. Which is a very fair rationale. It’s understandable that they don’t want people here illegally, reaping the benefits that they aren’t entitled to.

The article goes on to discuss how supporters feel about their place in American society. The older, white demographic lauds Trump for his non-PC rhetoric because they feel that “no one’s looking out for the white guy anymore.” This demographic of voters feels alienated by things like the Black Lives Matter movement and are sick of being looked at as racist, a phenomenon they call “reverse-discrimination.”

The anti-Muslim aspect of Trump’s campaign also attracts support. In a post-9/11 society with the rise of the Islamic State, it’s not a bad strategy to come out against these heinous acts of terrorism. But, is it overkill to close mosques and create a database of every practicing muslim in the country? Apparently not, since supporters rave about this idea.

The list goes on and on, but it’s important to answer the major questions.

Are people justified in voting for Trump? Absolutely, their vote is based solely on their decision. If Trump is their man, who are other people to tell them that they’re wrong? They shouldn’t be judged for their opinions.

This brings us to another question: Should Trump be taken seriously as a candidate? If someone is polling this high, how could you not take him seriously? We can sit and poke fun at him, his hair, his face, and anything else, but the fact is, this man has an incredibly high chance of winning the office.

Lastly, who’s to blame for his relevance? Simply put, all these jokes and memes that are meant to deride Trump are honestly giving him a bunch of free press. Say what you will about the Trump demographic, but they are a persistent bunch and all of this ridicule only feeds their zeal.

If people really want to stump the Trump, is making fun of him and brushing off as a joke really the best method of going about it? No. Honestly, if you’re still in this mindset, you’re just as laughable as the things Trump says. The future of the country is at stake, it’s the perfect time for young people to assert their political views and in such a hot political time, the voice of the youth matters more than ever.  

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