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Juniors, seniors focus on prom season

By Octavio Placensia and Destiny Smith

Prom is an unforgettable event for most. As seniors prepare for their prom later in May, juniors spoke about their own experience last month.

While many juniors who attended the prom said they had fun, they also said the cost was excessive. Tickets were about $85, with some students receiving a discount if they purchased them ahead of time or if they have an ASB card.  “The price was not reasonable for what I got out of the experience,” junior Brandy Gravelle said. “ Adding more more food and having better music would have made it more of a reasonable cost,” Gravelle said.

The ticket price for the prom included paying for the venue, hiring a DJ and providing desserts for prom-goers. “They only had sweet food, they should try to add more variety” junior Nicole Yee said.

Echoing this was Gravelle.  “They had all sweets and nothing salty,” Gravelle said.

Because prom is such a big event, some who attended had suggestions for how this could be improved in the future. “Prom can be improved next year if they change the music,” said Cameron Yuen, who was crowned prom king that night.

Yuen’s date agreed.  “Prom could be improved if there were other activities to do other than dancing, and if we had some salty food,” said Lara Vetter, who was crowned prom queen.

Much of the reaction to the music at the prom was positive. “The music was good, they just have to get a better way to transition from song to song,” said Gravelle.  “There was an awkward moment between the transition in the music that we couldn’t dance to, so we just had to stand there. But the music selection was pretty good.”

The prom was held at Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, a site that many liked. “The venue was really nice.  The only thing they should have reduced was the amount of tables to make more room for the dance floor, because no one really sat at the tables,” Yee said.

“The location was very nice, which made the price more reasonable,” Vetter said.

Many people who attended the prom have a favorite moment of the evening.  “My most meaningful moment at prom was trying to get everyone to dance.” said junior Caila Deblan.

“Prom is an unforgettable moment for most because you can only do it once,”  Yee said.

For others, the highlight was the food. “My most meaningful moment was at the ice cream bar and the chocolate fountain, but honestly the price for prom should have been a little cheaper,” said junior Chloe deVerrier.

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