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Prom-goers go all out for promposals

By Neelufar Mirkhani and Mackenzie Jordan

Promposals have been a growing tradition for high schoolers over the past few years.  Some students go above and beyond and others aim for a simple yet sweet way of asking a date to the prom. This year at Alameda High School, a few promposals stood out from the rest.  This practice has become so popular that this year, the couple with the best promposal story received half off of their tickets to the junior prom.

The couple who won were also the prom king and queen this year, Cameron Yuen and Lara Vetter. Yuen, with the help of his sister, decided on a creative way to ask his date by going to the snow and surprising her while they were skiing. “I wasn’t surprised that he promposaled, I was surprised in the way that he did because I did not expect it to be so big,” Vetter said.

promposal catcher2
DeLeon prepared for her promposal. Photos courtesy of Mariela DeLeon.
promposal catcher
DeLeon and Bridges after he accepted her promposal.


Junior Mariela DeLeon went out of her way to give her boyfriend Carson Bridges a promposal he did not expect. Bridges is a junior at Saint Joseph’s. DeLeon asked Bridges to prom at his baseball game. The announcer at the game told Bridges, a catcher,  to come to home plate which was covered with roses, where DeLeon was waiting for him with a baseball that said “Will you be my catch at prom?’” with two others balls that said ‘yes’ and  ‘no’. Even though she was nervous, it all worked out because Bridges threw back the ball that said yes.  

promposal greys anatomy
Anderson went with a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ theme. Photos courtesy of Bradley Anderson

Bradley Anderson, a junior, took a different path and themed his promposal based on the popular show “Grey’s Anatomy.”  “That is her favorite show and she also has a huge crush on McDreamy,” Anderson said. With that, he came up with the line, “I know I’m not McDreamy but I can be your McBradley at prom.” To make the promposal fit the show which is set in a hospital, he told all her friends to dress in scrubs “to make it look like a little nursing room,” Anderson stated.

promposal greys anatomy 2
Many promposals, such as Anderson’s, are a group effort.

His date, Aino Helin, said, “It was cute and I was actually very surprised because I did not expect it at the time.”

The giant cookie may have sealed the deal. Photos courtesy of Khulan Tsetgee
The giant cookie may have sealed the deal…
Photos courtesy of Khulan Tsetgee
...because Paulus said yes.
…because Paulus said yes.

Khulan Tsetgee, junior, saw an opportunity when her boyfriend Jake Paulus and she were planning to go to San Francisco. “I wanted to do something about a heart because he stole my heart and I remembered  the heart statue in San Francisco.”  Tsetgee told her friends that she wanted to take a picture in front of the heart with Paulus to throw him off, but instead they came out with a banner that read “SF steals many hearts but you stole mine.” She presented him with a big heart cookie. “His reaction was funny, he said ‘you got me.’”

Junior Owen Sowerwine’s promposal was for his date, a ballet dancer.  “She dances with my sister so I thought it would be cute to go to her dance studio and ask her,” Sowerwine said. He picked out roses from his mom’s backyard and went with his friend, mom and sister and surprised her. “I think it was a little bit of a surprise but not too much. I think she was shocked but not in a bad way, I hope,” he said.

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