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October shaping up as good month for K-Pop

By Ashley Heng

Shinee's sound has been compared to boy bands of the '90s. Photo courtesy of
Shinee’s sound has been compared to boy bands of the ’90s.
Photo courtesy of










It is October, and many Korean pop (K-Pop) groups are coming back and new groups are debuting this month. Several groups with enormous fanbases are now releasing their new music. It is fantastic that there is so much of new music, but the groups will have to work hard on Korean music broadcast shows. Since there are hundreds of Korean pop singers, these big groups will have to work hard promoting their music this month.  

Shinee came back on Oct. 4 with their new album “1 of 1.” The music video is a vintage style with groovy dancing. Fans on social media are in love with the new album and refer to Shinee as legends. Dramafever, a Korean drama website, compares Shinee’s concept to 90’s boy groups like  NSYNC and Backstreet boys. Their album includes nine songs which all give off a 90’s vibe. Shinee won their first award for this album on Oct. 11 on The show,” a South Korean music television program.

Got7 came back just the week before October, but will compete with groups this month for promotions. Their new album “Flight log: Turbulence” includes 13 tracks with “Hard Carry” as the title track. The music video portrays the group’s members in a plane crash, dancing around debris and trees. On Oct. 6 and 7, Got7 won first place on the Korean music broadcasting shows M!Countdown!” and then “Music Bank.”

With BTS’s comeback on Oct. 9, fans were shocked and amazed with their new album “Wings,” and their new music video “Blood Sweat and Tears.” The music video shows a dark, luxurious concept with a more mainstream trap genre compared to their usual flower boy concept. The music video story line and album concept are said to be inspired by the book “Demian” by Hermann Hesse. The group also broke many records. Within 24 hours of the music video release, the group received almost 7 million views, and 10 million views in just 41 hours of its release, breaking K-Pop history for fastest Youtube views.

IOI, a newly made girl group formed by a reality show, released their second EP, a small album with at least five songs together as a group on Oct. 17. This EP was also reported to be the group’s last comeback before disbanding next year. The group was formed through a project reality show that’s contract would end in January 2017. Members have already been joining new entertainment labels and kpop groups.Their new music video “Very Very Very,” and  EP “Miss Me?” expresses their love for their fans and how much they will miss them.  I.O.I got the No. 1 spot on Korean music apps including MelON Music, Mnet and Genie Music.

These K-Pop groups have done very well with promoting their new albums, and have gotten love from fans all over the world.  With October almost over, most of these K-Pop groups have gotten great results with their new music, and more new fans. IOF (Ideal of fans) IOI’s fandom, will miss IOI together as a whole group as this month will be their last before disbanding in 2017.

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