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A film as bad as the years it represents

By Konrad Wolfl

Hijinks ensue in this film about middle school. Photo courtesy of
Hijinks ensue in this film about middle school.
Photo courtesy of

The movie “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life,” directed by Steve Carr, was indeed one of the worst movies of my life. Having been through the troubles and misfortunes of middle school myself, I felt as if the movie may have been relatable to my past and that I would have a good laugh about middle school students experiencing the same pain I had endured. The movie served as a cheesy film depicting middle school students rallying against the law and order placed by officials upon the school.

The story begins with Rafe (Griffin Gluck), an adolescent held back by societal restrictions as well as demeaning officials. With the help of his close friend Leo (Thomas Barbusca) and a few others, they launch a series of pranks and laughs against the staff of school. The main antagonist of this film is Principal Dwight (Andrew Daly) who, in this scenario, plays the “supreme tyrant” role.

While the movie is primarily centered around comedy, the film does hint at romance what with Rafe’s mom (Lauren Graham) and her boyfriend as well as Rafe and Jeanne (Isabel Moner).

One factor that may draw the attention of others is the aspect of dealing with the loss of a family member. Rafe may seem like a bad kid, but the audience learns where he is coming from and what kinds of things he’s had to deal with in life so far. This part of the movie I can slightly come to respect because it makes me realize how lucky I was to go through life with both of my parents.

The movie’s success relies heavily upon its somewhat crude comedy. Depending  on whether  the person is able to relate to the language they utilize, they may love or hate the movie. Unfortunately for me, it was the latter.

I could not find myself able to relate to the jokes or laugh at their expense. On some occasions the comedic performance is a bit funny, but nothing more. I also have come to realize that perhaps the movie is targeted towards a smaller age group of kids. Preferably the students who are currently going through middle school or who are about to. My little brother’s positive reaction to the movie as well as the movies direction of plot led me to this belief and also made me realize why I found this movie boring as well as unappealing.

Overall the movie focuses on the hidden desires and ambitions of middle schoolers and maybe all students in general. I have to admit that there is a part of  me that wants to be free of the social norm and break all the school laws, but that in itself is morally as well as legally wrong. The movie only seems to serve as a somewhat sarcastic guideline of what a middle schooler should follow. Some people may also see that the movie shows students not to be so ungrateful to  their parents or things they don’t appreciate. It is a small lesson learned from the movie but in retrospect, it does teach you something beneficial. While younger kids  may find  “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” a great movie, high schoolers will not.

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