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Students walk out to protest election outcome

By Maria Krasteff

In the aftermath of this year’s presidential  election, many citizens took to the streets in groups of hundreds and thousands to protest in cities like Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Students in Alameda joined this trend on Thursday, Nov. 10, when approximately  200 students walked out of classrooms at Alameda, Encinal and St. Joseph’s High School, marching across the island and finally settling outside of City Hall. There, students expressed their anger and fear about a Trump presidency.  During this walkout, many students spoke to fellow protesters and locals who had gathered about their views on the election and how it personally affects them. A few officials from City Hall also came out to say a few words about their support of the protest, which was around three hours long.

The protest was met with much support. Malea Labrie, a freshman, said she found the protest to be very positive. Since many students were not old enough to vote, the protest was a concrete action they could take part in and feel involved.  Labrie agreed that participating in the protest was a way to get students’ voices heard. “There was a community and there was a lot of support,” she said, adding that the event was very inspiring to her.

Rachel Ramos, a sophomore, was also pro-walkout. “Just because we are young…we still have a say in our future,” Ramos said. Ramos, an organizer of the event, said she would definitely be in another protest because she wants to get her message out there. Ramos said she was very emotional about the whole protest and proud to see so many students standing up and walking for what they believe in. “We as one community came together and put our differences aside.”

Although many students supported the walkout, there was a fair share of those who didn’t, such as senior Regina Weinrab. “If Hillary Clinton had won, the Trump side would have obviously contested the election…it just goes to show that in our community, we are no better than the Trump side,” she said.

Weinrab showed her support for Clinton by volunteering during the campaign. “If all the people who had walked out after the election had done something before, like phone banked to the swing states, perhaps that would have made more of a difference…it would have been more productive to have done something before the election than after,” she continued. Just like many others, Weinrab has come to accept the results and says that we must all move on.

Senior Clare Rickard, another student who did not walk out, shared a similar stance. Rickard believes that many students walked out just to leave class and that those that walked out for a reason hadn’t helped out during the election. “A lot of these people need to recognize that I was a strong Hillary supporter and I volunteered, but I didn’t walk out because I think we need to understand that this is a democratic process,” she said.

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