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Dance students perform in second annual winter showcase

By Ashley Heng

Students in the Dance 3 class performed self-choreographed performances to family and friends at the Little Theater on Dec. 9. The dance showcase featured performances in different kinds of dancing styles, themes, and music.

This is the second annual Winter Dance Showcase that this class has put on, and they hope it will be an annual event.

The show included three acts, each introduced by dance teacher Stephanie Craig. “The dance program has two dance concerts per year, the winter and spring concert.  It’s a great way to show what the dance classes have been working on during the semester,” Craig said.

The concert featured choreography with hip hop, jazz, contemporary and cultural fusion dance styles.  Performances had one of the three main themes including  cultural, expression. All focused on the  choreography by students in the Dance 3 class.

“The winter concert is more of a choreography showcase and  this year, the Dance 3 class choreographed the entire performance,” Craig said.  “It was a great way to show what the students have been working on this semester,” she added.

The Dance 3 students were happy with the concert. “The performance was very exciting, but of course, there were those nerves,” junior Jalen Chan said.

Senior Christy Cheung also performed. “Once you get on stage, those nerves go away, and the performance goes by so fast,” Cheung said, agreeing with Chan that it was a fun experience.

The first performance was high-tempo and impressed the audience, connecting to another song and adding another dancer. The last performance had leaps and jazz like moves which followed to everyone getting on stage to take a final bow.

Senior Anson Nguyen, a regular in the Winter Dance showcase audience, noticed that the dances every year tend to improve.  “Compared to this year, all the dances were cleaner and overall better.”  

Last year the showcase was held at Kofman auditorium, but this year, the performances were held at the Little Theater because of construction in Kofman. “Kofman [auditorium] is really nice and has a big stage presence, but in the Little Theater you can see and hear everything, so the experience was a lot better,” Nguyen said.

“I like going to these showcases to support dance and my friends in it,” Nguyen said.

“The performances get better every year so I always come see what they have to show.”

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