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Winter assembly changes venue, format

By Yuri Kim

The Winter Assembly is an annual event in December that allows students of all grades to showcase their talents and reminisce about the past year so far.

“It’s a really nice thing to do before winter break,” senior Zoe Drewery said.

But this year, the Winter Assembly was held in the Old Theater instead of Kofman Auditorium, as it had been in earlier years. Along with the obvious size capacity, that also means a limited experience for students. The closure of Kofman for construction work meant that Leadership students had to find a creative way to use other space on campus. The Little Theater can accommodate a small fraction of people compared to Kofman, so the assembly was offered several different times for different audiences.

Leadership students also had to work with a different schedule than usual. The bell schedule is usually modified for assembly days, but since only a few classes at a time would be attending this assembly, the regular block schedule was in effect.

“I hope that people will go to the Winter Assembly, but because of the block schedule, not everyone gets to go,” Garner said prior to the assembly.

“When we were working, there were a lot of issues. The lights are different; not all of the student body will be able to attend because there isn’t enough space,” said Drewery.

Drewery added that the biggest consequence of the Winter Assembly being held at the Old Theater is that “ The freshmen this year will not able to see the music department play” an annual tradition of the assembly in previous years.

Despite initial reservations, the Winter Assembly went by smoothly with entertaining performances from participating students.

TV Media students prepared for the annual Winter Video that was posted on School Loop and  Alameda High School’s Youtube channel.

“We just went around and asked people questions like about their favorite experiences at Alameda High School or what they like about the holidays,” said senior Dustin Garner, who worked on the video.

The Winter Video was especially memorable, where it showed students recollecting at their past years at Alameda High School.

“Even though it felt a little different being in the Old Theater than in Kofman, I still enjoyed the performances and especially the Winter Video,” said junior William Kim.

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