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Cheap laughs, predictable gags fill ‘Fist Fight’

By Konrad Wolfl

A teacher learns to fight in 'Fistfight.' Photo courtesy of
A teacher learns to fight in ‘Fistfight.’
Photo courtesy of

The movie “Fist Fight” is a comedic, school-set movie with several R-rated gags and jokes throughout the film to keep it entertaining. The plot itself as well as how the story lines up is average at best, but the humor makes up for what it lacks in content.

The scenario is set at a particularly unruly high school where the majority of the student population will not listen to authority. In a twist of events, one  teacher Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) gets another  teacher Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) fired. Strickland, being a seemingly aggressive and dangerous teacher, challenges Campbell to an after school fight. Campbell, being the wimp that he is, panics at the prospect of a bloody beatdown and desperately tries to get Strickland’s job back.

Throughout the movie there are countless pranks and jokes that keep the viewer laughing and waiting for another. The students in the school are very humorous when it comes to pranking the unsuspecting teachers. The jokes made by staff and students alike are also very laughable for anyone with a juvenile sense of humor.

The overall plot of the movie is mediocre at best, mainly because  the story is somewhat predictable and cliche. While the fight is inevitable, the movie does surprisingly have a different twist to its ending that one would  not entirely expect.

Overall, unfortunately, the action and dialogue become somewhat repetitive and expected.

The concept of one teacher fighting another is enough to capture about any high school student’s attention. The writers utilize this notion to connect to students who may have negative thoughts about teachers and add a very relatable feeling to the movie.

The movie’s portrayal of students in high school is very chaotic, at the very least. The whole student body seems to be in uproar and in complete opposition to any sort of authority. This could be a reference to the Id, the “disorganized” part of the brain that acts on its wildest impulses and desires without thinking about the consequences. While the display of student misbehavior in the movie may not be the same as in real life, it gives an idea as to what school might be like if we too acted on our every whim and desire.

Despite the story being a bit weak, actors such as Charlie Day and Ice Cube do a more than average job portraying teachers in a tough struggle to overcome unruly students and bring order to the school. In their respective positions, they display humorous as well as serious sides to their “teacher” persona and make the movie significantly better. They manage to play off each other to ensure that some of the jokes and gags in the movie go through to the audience successfully.

Overall, this is not one of the best movies  but definitely not the worst. The humor and actors are well thought out and satisfactory while the plot itself is mediocre, to say, at the best. If a couple good laughs and chuckles to make up for a lack of content is what you look for in a movie then this would definitely suit your taste.

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