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Nash nabs scholarship to Dordt College

By Caelee Johnson and Christina Lam

Senior Devin Nash was recently awarded a scholarship to play football for Dordt College in Iowa.

When Nash received the offer, he said was excited because he had achieved one of his biggest goals.  “My family was very happy for me.  Seeing that I was making something out of football made them more proud,” Nash said.

Nash began playing football at the young age of nine. He joined the Hornets’ football team as a freshman and currently serves as captain of the varsity team. “I became a captain my senior year but I always had a leadership role on the team because I played quarterback junior year,” said Nash.

He thinks qualities that make a good captain include being approachable, making the team believe in themselves, and holding people accountable for their actions.

On the field, Nash said that his mom, little sister and grandparents motivate him. ¨They haven’t missed any of my games. They always support me and my team, whether we win or lose. Thatś what motivates me.”  Another key to his success, he says, is to “stay mentally engaged in the process and just giving it all I have.”

Senior Jacob Smith is a close friend of Nash’s. “When I first heard that one of my best friends had received a scholarship for football, I was extremely proud and happy for him. I know how much he loves the game and how much this opportunity meant to him,” Smith said. Smith also noted that Nash  is a “very humble athlete and doesn’t brag much of his achievements.”

Smith found out about Nash’s scholarship by accident when he asked Nash why he had missed school for a couple of days. Nash had not volunteered the information until Smith asked him.  “This is just one of the many examples of how much of a humble individual Devin is and that he never does anything just to be talked about,” Smith said.  

       Smith is also a captain of the varsity football team, and he said that Nash is a captain because he embodies many of the qualities that a leader should have. “First you have to be tough.  Football is a very rough sport where everyone is delivering or absorbing a hit,” Smith said. “Second you need to be able to take constructive criticism, which ultimately makes you better. Third you need to just be responsible.”  Nash, he said, has all of those traits.

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