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‘Rings’ not too scary, but scary enough

By Terry Wong

'Rings' is the third film in the franchise. Photo courtesy of
‘Rings’ is the third film in the franchise.
Photo courtesy of

“Rings: The Ring 3” is a mystery/ horror movie with good dialogue and surprising plot twists that you do not want to miss.

The movie revolves around a cursed film, and whoever watches it will die within seven days. Once the time is up, a demonic girl in a white dress with black liquid dripping on her body crawls out of the screen and kills the viewer. But there is a way to save you from this curse.

Gabriel,(Johnny Galecki) the protagonist, is a professor who watches the ring film. He later figures out that to give away this curse, all he has to do is make a copy of this video and let some other people watch it. This passes on the curse to someone else.  

He tells his student that he is going to perform an “experiment” on some volunteers, to watch the cursed video. Holt (Alex Roe) is one of the volunteers. When Holt finds out that he has the curse, he avoids everyone he knows because he doesn’t want others to get into this mess. His girlfriend, Julia (Matilda Lutz) tries to contact him many times but fails, so she goes to his campus to find him.

Julia later finds out that Holt has the curse in him, and she takes the matter into her own hands.

She starts seeing visions and pictures in her head that no one else can see. She assumes that she must be the chosen one because no one has had this experience before. Holt, Julia, and Gabriel start to solve this mystery together.

Watching this movie is like working with a detective, you stay by their side and watch them solve the mystery. But at the end of the movie, you will be very surprised with how the filmmakers end the movie. Anyone who likes a cliffhanger will be satisfied.  

The movie does not provide a good jump scare. The viewers will be surprised and kind of disappointed that this movie is not scary at all, but it does have some surprising plot stories and interesting character background stories.

This movie is good for people who are scared of watching horror movies and for people who are looking for a mystery thriller movie to watch in their free time.    

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