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Juniors anxious to ring in prom season

By Caelee Johnson and Christina Lam

Prom season is here and the juniors are preparing for their big night on March 25. Planners for the event estimate that about 350 people will attend.

The prom is organized by the Leadership class and final decisions are approved by their teacher, Allen Nakamura. Junior Nathan Hui and his committee put in lot of time and effort to make this event happen. “We are trying to make this prom the best it can be, improving it from last year, taking different new ideas and basically making it what we planned,” said Hui.

Mira Piamonte, another junior on  the prom committee, is helping make sure this year’s prom will be a night everyone can enjoy. “I’m most excited for seeing how our junior class’s committee’s vision of prom will turn out. We have worked really hard to develop a theme and combine different things in order to make prom look amazing,” she said.  “I’m excited to see it all come to life.”

Piamonte also said  that even though this year’s prom venue is the same as last year’s, the committee has changed up some of the aspects so people who went last year won’t feel as if they are getting the same experience all over again. “I’m expecting a big turnout this year and juniors should expect a really great first prom,” she said. “Hopefully everyone is able to see the amount of hard work our committee put into it.”

Even though prom may seem like a very seamless night, a lot of planning goes into it and sometimes things can get stressful. “I’m definitely most stressed about making sure everything goes as planned, everything is finalized and I have a set schedule for all the planning but you never know what could happen,” Piamonte said.   

Junior Ashlyn Crooker plans on attending prom this year and says she is most excited about
“being around all her friends and having a good time especially since they have been talking about this for a while now.” Crooker plans to take her boyfriend Sven Said, a senior at AHS, to prom this year.

Crooker also says she is most stressed about coordinating well with her date and having pictures turn out nicely. “I surprisingly got my dress during winter break. I didn’t think I would find one that early but I was just looking for fun and ended up finding something I liked,” she said.

Junior Jacob Marshall also plans to attend  prom this year and said  he is very excited, especially since it is his first prom. “I’m excited to finally experience prom from my own perspective rather than hearing about other people’s stories.” Marshall plans to take  a friend from Encinal High School.

Marshall said  he is trying to stay neutral about prom and everything leading up to it. “I’m most stressed about arranging the party bus with my friends and how we are all going to pay for it,” he said.  However, Marshall is trying to stay positive and keep his mind on the more fun aspects of planning such as what he is going to wear. “I’m going to dye my hair light blue to match her shoes and we’re both wearing all black clothes.”

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