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Despit minor flaws, gamers love

By Moises Tapia

“For Honor” is a good and exciting game to most gamers. It was released in February and takes place in Medieval Europe. Three famous factions–knights, samurai, and the vikings–are at war, mostly for territory and sometimes for vengeance.

After a catastrophic earthquake destroys most of Europe, the three warrior factions raise a new generation. The few struggle to survive and begin fighting for resources. Then several warriors rise up from all three classes. They are all at war, although what they don’t know is that a certain knight, Apollyon, is causing war for many years since she is the bringer of war.

“For Honor” is a good game in many aspects. The campaign, or storyline, starts off with a cinematic scene of the unexpected earthquake in Europe and some parts in Asia.  Then once civilization is up again, vikings, knights, and samurai are at war with each other.

After that the player starts off by using the knights. You get to try each type of troop and, best of all, their executions–the finishing attack for a kill.

There are three chapters for each class and after knights, the player gets to try any class for the next chapter. Some missions allow you to try a new troop. Some players will wish that the chapters would not always start with the same scene all over again.

The game’s gameplay itself is amazing. Ubisoft does a good job with the controls in complicated attacks, because it is hard to do some attacks with only four buttons on a PS4 and Xbox One controller.

The multiplayer gaming is pretty good, although there are a few flaws. Online the player gets to choose any type of hero they want and on three different maps. Many game modes are 4v4 dominion, 2v2 brawls, 1v1 duels, 4v4 skirmishes, and 4v4 Elimination.

In 4v4 dominion there are three different points the teams need to capture. Each team has four players and their own mini computer-controlled armies. In 2v2 brawls the player has a teammate and they face another actual two players. The last team standing wins the round and whatever team wins the best of five rounds wins the match.  Duels are just an epic showdown of two people.

In 4v4 elimination, the player has three teammates and they face another team with four players. Each game comes with rewards, power ups or boosts, and killstreaks. However one flaw in the multiplayer is that the servers are pretty bad. One huge problem is AFK farming. Since the games are somewhat long, AFK farming is the process in which players can be kicked out due to inactivity. To avoid this and do something else they leave their control stick forward so they can keep running, making them seem active. Once the match ends they still get the rewards.

The second time this happens, the player will be suspended from their “For Honor” account temporarily, or if they keep committing the same problem, permanently.   

The heroes themselves are really exciting to use. The multiplayer is fun to experience and some players will think that the campaign is well formatted. It is a good game that lends itself to a sequel.

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