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‘Logan’ earns high marks from Wolverine fans

By Katie Ly

Hugh Jackman stars in the latest Wolverine installment. Photo courtesy of
Hugh Jackman stars in the latest Wolverine installment.
Photo courtesy of

What happens when you have an aging mutant who is slowly poisoned by the adamantium from their skeleton and claws? You get actor Hugh Jackman brilliantly playing a spine-chilling, solemn role of Wolverine in “Logan,” the latest and final Wolverine film of the X-Men series.

Moviegoers also get a new introduction to X-23, or Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), whose face will become more familiar to viewers within the X-Men franchise in the future, thanks to “Logan.”

While attempting to hide his identity from reality by referring to himself as “James Howlett,” Logan spends his day not only as a chauffeur, but also as a caretaker for Professor X (Patrick Stewart).

Hidden near the Mexico border, Professor X is suffering from a neurogenerative disorder that causes him to lose control of one of the most powerful things in the world: his telepathic mind. Leading to abnormal seizures that affect the movement and physical function of surrounding bodies, his disorder is realistically caught on camera through the dramatic shaking of the scenario and the slow, vulnerable motions of the actors and actresses.

This is one problem Logan has to deal with. He did not think he would have to deal with another issue since there are allegedly no other young mutants in the world during the current year of 2029. However, everything changes when Logan comes across Laura, who has extraordinary fighting prowess. The type of prowess that makes a viewer crave to be on her level of awesome.

The type of prowess that makes wolverine-like claws shoot from her knuckles and feet and blatantly displays that the dark forces from young mutants are definitely coming back to the X-Men series.

Dafne Keen may be young, but she is a character with a great sense of resilience and spirit. Her embodiment of the character Laura could not have been played better by any other young actress. You should be excited to see her character emerge and develop in the next films, following the journey of the young mutants that are discovered at the end of “Logan.”

Keen alongside Jackman both portray an array of realistic emotions that display the tantalizingly slow development of Logan and Laura’s emotional connection and attachment to one another after discovering that they are related based on DNA.

Throughout the film, their relationship develops stronger every time they both face conflict with Transigen, a company that created the young mutants, including Laura.

The similarities Logan and Laura share help create the bond that gives Logan a feeling he has never felt before. Whether that be the adamantium claws that shoot from their knuckles, or the fierce determination hidden behind their eyes when attacking an enemy, their resemblance is something you have to witness.

“So, this is what it feels like,” Logan said, as he engulfs in his emotions of love for Laura during the last scene of the film.

Regardless if you are a die-hard X-Men Wolverine fan or a nonchalant movie-goer looking to watch a well-directed movie, there is no doubt that director James Mangold left the last of the Wolverine series on a good mark.


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