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Nintendo Switch a flexible innovation

By Konrad Wolfl

The Nintendo Switch offers options to video gamers. Photo courtesy of
The Nintendo Switch offers options to video gamers.
Photo courtesy of

Unlike its predecessor the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has come above and beyond as one of the best consoles of this era. With its increased graphics, portability functions, as well as many other properties, it makes other consoles pale in comparison.

One of the main reasons the Wii U was not a big seller to the public was its “hard-to-use” game controller. The Switch gives you the option of removing the side controls from its original screen to emulate two small wii remotes, per se. Players are able to choose if they would rather play using two small remotes with controls, sliding the remotes into a small Xbox-like controller, or simply attaching it to the console.

The flexibility and comfortable feeling of these different methods of controls gives a better variety of options to people in comparison to other consoles.

The most significant point of this console is indicated in the name, Nintendo “Switch.” The main functionality of the Switch is being able to remove the console from its dock connected to the television enabling you to play on the go. Unlike other immobile consoles, the Switch allows you to play on the console wherever you are. . The action of sliding the console in and out of the television dock is simple and very easy to do, making it very agreeable to “switch” platforms from the TV  to the console or vice versa.

A bonus to separating the remotes of the Switch is the opportunity for co-op without the possession of two pairs of remotes of consoles. For the Switch, one player may be able to hold and control actions with one side of the remote while the other player may use the other controller to do other actions. With other consoles such as the X-Box, Wii, or Playstation, it is somewhat limited to one controller per person as the controller could not be separated in two. However with the Switch, this realm of co-op with essentially “one controller” is no longer a dream and allows players to play with a friend without the payment of another controller.

Another function that the Switch has is online multiplayer features. While this may be a recurrent option in many other consoles, it remains unique to certain consoles due to the limitations of games contained in that certain category of consoles. Similarly, the Switch has certain online multiplayer games that cannot be played on other consoles such as the X-box, Wii, Playstation, etc.

One problem of the Switch, if any, is the somewhat unresponsive remotes. At times when the console is docked and the remotes are separated from the console, the remotes seem to be inactive. However, this seems to just be something glitchy with the remotes themselves. Part of the problem may lie in obstruction of materials between the remotes and the switch but at this point it is difficult to tell.

This minor infraction does little, however, to quench the overwhelming awe and amazement this console–as well as the games–brings to the community. Some of the unique games include, but are not limited to: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “1-2 Switch,” “Super Bomberman R,” “Just Dance 2017,” “I Am Setsuna” and many more. More brand new games will be continually brought to the Switch throughout the year and fans can hope to find no shortage of amusement in them. The Switch has a great set of games in store as well as excellent functionality accompanying it. The Nintendo Switch has exceeded expectations in the market and community as indeed one of the best consoles of the era.

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