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“I was sent text messages with death threats basically, because I was Jewish. ‘I deserved to die and burn,’ just totally on the fact that I’m Jewish. I wasn’t doing anything, and someone will attack me just because of something I can’t even control. People think, ‘Oh, it’s just an isolated instance.’ It’s not, people around the world have it all the time. I have had friends who have been told that they deserve to burn in ovens and things like that, and no one cared. Even one of my best friends said, ‘Oh, it’s not really a problem, they are just trying to joke around.’ I just can’t stand that people don’t think it is an issue. People have stereotypes against us. Throughout thousands and thousands of years people have been kicking out the Jews from places. All the big issues, those are all important and they are being publicized, versus the issues of anti-semitism have not been publicized, and those are very important things. Be considerate of other people’s feelings, not just what the media tells [you] to be considerate of.”